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aperture /'æpətjuə/
  • danh từ
    • lỗ hổng, kẽ hở
    • lỗ ống kính (máy ảnh); độ mở
      • relative aperture: độ mở tỷ đối
Concise Dictionary
+a device that controls amount of light admitted
+a natural opening in something
+an man-made opening; usually small

Thesaurus Dictionary
opening, space, gap, cleft, chink, crevice, crack, fissure, hole, chasm:
As much water ran through as the aperture could accommodate.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (formal) a small opening in sth: The soldier fired the rifle through a narrow aperture in a pile of sandbags.
2 (technical) an opening that allows light to reach a LENS, especially in cameras: For flash photography, set the aperture at f.5.6. + Open up the lens aperture to maximize the brightness of the shot. + Binoculars of this aperture are very expensive.

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