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anyone /'eniwʌn/
  • đại từ
    • người nào, ai
    • bất cứ người nào, bất cứ ai
Concise Dictionary
pron. someone; anybody, somebody
Advanced English Dictionary
(also anybody) + pronoun
1 used instead of someone in negative sentences and in questions after if/whether, and after verbs such as prevent, ban, avoid: Is anyone there? + Does anyone else want to come? + Did anyone see you? + Hardly anyone came. + I forbid anyone to touch that clock.
Help Note: The difference between anyone and someone is the same as the difference between any and some. Look at the notes there.
2 any person at all; it does not matter who: Anybody can see that it's wrong. + The exercises are so simple that almost anyone can do them.
3 (in negative sentences) an important person: She wasn't anybody before she got that job.

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