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any /'eni/
  • tính từ
    • một, một (người, vật) nào đó (trong câu hỏi)
      • have you any book(s)?: anh có quyển sách nào không?
    • tuyệt không, không tí nào (ý phủ định)
      • I haven't any penny: tôi tuyệt không có đồng xu nào
      • to prevent any casualtry: tránh không bị thương tổn
    • bất cứ (ý khẳng định)
      • at any time: vào bất cứ lúc nào
      • you may ask any person about it: anh có thể hỏi bất cứ người nào về việc ấy
  • đại từ
    • một, một người nào đó, một vật nào đó (trong câu hỏi)
      • is there any of them there?: có ai trong bọn họ ở đây không?
    • không chút gì, không đứa nào (ý phủ định)
      • I cannot find any of them: tôi không tìm thấy một đứa nào trong bọn chúng
    • bất cứ vật gì, bất cứ ai (ý khẳng định)
      • choose any of these books: anh có thể chọn bất cứ quyển nào trong những quyển sách này
  • phó từ
    • một, chút nào, một tí nào (trong câu phủ định, câu hỏi dạng so sánh)
      • is that any better?: cái đó có khá hơn chút nào không?
      • I can't speak any plainer: tôi không thể nói rõ hơn được nữa
    • hoàn toàn
      • it did not matter any: vấn đề hoàn toàn không đáng kể; việc hoàn toàn chẳng có nghĩa lý gì
Concise Dictionary
+one or some or every or all without specification
+to any degree or extent
Advanced English Dictionary
determiner, pronoun, adverb
1 used with uncountable or plural nouns in negative sentences and questions, after if or whether, and after some verbs such as prevent, ban, avoid, etc. to refer to an amount or a number of sth, however large or small: I didn't eat any meat. + Are there any stamps in that drawer? + I've got hardly any money. + You can't go out without any shoes. + He forbids any talking in class. + She asked if we had any questions.
Help Note: In positive sentences some is usually used instead of any: I've got some paper if you want it. It is also used in questions that expect a positive answer:
Would you like some milk in your tea?

2 used with singular countable nouns to refer to one of a number of things or people, when it does not matter which one: Take any book you like. + Any colour will do. + Any teacher will tell you that students learn at different rates.
See also - in any case at CASE n., in any event at EVENT, at any rate at RATE n.
3 not just ~ used to show that sb/sth is special: It isn't just any day-it's my birthday!
+ pronoun
1 used in negative sentences and in questions and after if or whether to refer to an amount or a number, however large or small: We need some more paint; there isn't any left. + I need some stamps. Are there any in your bag? + Please let me know how many are coming, if any. + She spent hardly any of the money. + He returned home without any of the others.
Help Note: In positive sentences some is usually used instead of any. It is also used in questions that expect a positive reply: I've got plenty of paper-would you like some?
2 one or more of a number of people or things, especially when it does not matter which: I'll take any you don't want. + 'Which colour do you want?' 'Any of them will do.'
Idioms: sb isn't having any (of it) (informal) sb is not interested or does not agree: I suggested sharing the cost, but he wasn't having any of it.
+ adverb
1 used to emphasize an adjective or adverb in negative sentences or questions, meaning 'at all': He wasn't any good at French. + I can't run any faster. + Is your father feeling any better? + I don't want any more. + If you don't tell them, nobody will be any the wiser.
2 (AmE, informal) used at the end of a negative sentence to mean 'at all': That won't hurt you any.

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