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antipathy /æn'tipəθi/
  • danh từ
    • ác cảm
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[U, C, usually sing.] (plural antipathies) ~ (between A and B)
~ (to / toward(s) sb/sth) (formal) a strong feeling of dislike: personal / mutual / general antipathy + a growing antipathy towards the idea + His professional judgement was coloured by his personal antipathies.
antipathetic sth): antipathetic to change
Collocation Dictionary


deep, profound, strong, violent | growing, increasing | mutual
They have a mutual antipathy to each other.
| personal
Despite his personal antipathy to me he was still able to be polite.
| natural
a natural antipathy towards people in authority


feel, have | express, show


~ between
There was a lot of antipathy between the two doctors.
| ~ for
his antipathy for his boss
| ~ to/towards
I feel a profound antipathy to using any weapon.

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