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anticipate /æn'tisipeit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • dùng trước, hưởng trước
    • thấy trước, biết trước, đoán trước; dè trước, chặn trước, liệu trước, lường trước
      • to anticipate somebody's wishes: đoán trước được ý muốn của ai
    • làm trước; nói trước
    • làm cho nhanh, làm cho chóng, thúc đẩy
      • to anticipate someone's ruin: thúc đẩy sự suy sụp của ai, làm cho ai chóng suy sụp
    • thảo luận trước, xem xét trước
    • mong đợi, chờ đợi
Concise Dictionary
+regard something as probable or likely
+act in advance of; deal with ahead of time
+realize beforehand
+make a prediction about; tell in advance
+be excited or anxious about
+be a forerunner of or occur earlier than

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 forestall, intercept, preclude, obviate, prevent; nullify:
She anticipated her opponent's manoeuvre by moving the queen's bishop one square.
2 foretell, forecast, predict, prophesy, foretaste, foresee:
He anticipated that flying would be a future mode of locomotion.
3 expect, look forward to, prepare for; count or reckon on:
We eagerly anticipated the arrival of Uncle Robert.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to expect sth: [VN] We don't anticipate any major problems. + [V -ing] They anticipate moving to bigger premises by the end of the year. + [VN -ing] I don't anticipate it being a problem. + [V that] We anticipate that sales will rise next year. + [VN that] It is anticipated that inflation will stabilize at 3%.
2 to see what might happen in the future and take action to prepare for it: [VN] We need someone who can anticipate and respond to changes in the fashion industry. + [V wh-] Try and anticipate what the interviewers will ask. [also V that]
3 to think with pleasure and excitement about sth that is going to happen: [VN] We eagerly anticipated the day we would leave school. [also V -ing, VN -ing]
4 (formal) to do sth before it can be done by sb else: [VN] When Scott reached the South Pole he found that Amundsen had anticipated him. [also VN -ing]
anticipatory adjective (formal): a fast anticipatory movement by the goalkeeper
Collocation Dictionary


be eagerly/keenly anticipated
one of the most eagerly anticipated arts events of the year
| be widely anticipated
It is widely anticipated that she will resign.

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