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anger /'æɳgə/
  • danh từ
    • sự tức giận, sự giận dữ; mối giận
      • fit of anger: cơn tức giận
      • to provoke someone to anger: chọc tức ai
  • ngoại động từ
    • chọc tức, làm tức giận
Concise Dictionary
+a strong emotion; a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance
+the state of being angry
+belligerence aroused by a real or supposed wrong (personified as one of the deadly sins)
+make angry
+become angry

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 rage, wrath, ire, fury, pique, spleen, choler; antagonism, irritation, vexation, indignation, displeasure, annoyance, irritability, resentment, outrage:
Her anger got the better of her, so she simply punched him.
2 enrage, infuriate, madden, pique, incense, raise one's hackles, make one's blood boil, rile, gall; annoy, irritate, vex, nettle, displease, exasperate, provoke:
Father was so angered by the insult that he refused to pay.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun [U] ~ (at sb/sth) the strong feeling that you have when sth has happened that you think is bad and unfair: He was filled with anger at the way he had been treated. + Jan slammed her fist on the desk in anger. + Many people never really express any anger. + the growing anger and frustration of young unemployed people
+ verb [VN] [often passive] to make sb angry: The question clearly angered him. + She was angered by their selfishness and lack of concern.
Collocation Dictionary


bitter, black, cold, deep, fierce, great, savage, terrible | genuine, real | growing, mounting, rising
mounting anger among teachers and parents
| sudden | righteous
Catherine appeared in the doorway, shaking with righteous anger.
| controlled, pent-up, suppressed | popular, public | widespread


burst, fit, outburst
He slammed the door in a fit of anger.


be filled with, feel, shake with, tremble with
His eyes were filled with anger. She was trembling with anger.
| express, give vent to, show, vent, voice
Children give vent to their anger in various ways.
| control, hide, suppress
It is not healthy to suppress your anger.
| arouse, cause, fill sb with, fuel, provoke, stir up
His words fuelled her anger.
| change to, give way to, turn to
His joy soon turned to anger when he heard the full story.


boil over/up, bubble up, build up, flare (up), grow, mount, rise, well up
Henry stood up, his anger rising.
| abate, drain, evaporate, fade, subside
The anger drained from his face. Her anger subsided as quickly as it had flared up.


in ~
He raised his voice in anger.
| with ~
His face was flushed with anger.
| ~ against
her feelings of anger against the murderer
| ~ at
I felt a sudden anger at his suggestion.
| ~ over
There is much anger over plans to close the hospital.
| ~ towards
her anger towards her parents


a feeling of anger, in a moment of anger
He had walked out in a moment of anger.



deeply, greatly
I was deeply angered by their lack of concern.

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