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  • sự tương tự by., on the a. bằng tương tự, làm tương tự
  • membrane a. tương tự màng
Concise Dictionary
+an inference that if things agree in some respects they probably agree in others
+drawing a comparison in order to show a similarity in some respect
+the religious belief that between creature and creator no similarity can be found so great but that the dissimilarity is always greater; language can point in the right direction but any analogy between God and humans will always be inadequate

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural analogies)
1 [C] ~ (between A and B)
~ (with sth) a comparison of one thing with another thing that has similar features; a feature that is similar: The teacher drew an analogy between the human heart and a pump. + There are no analogies with any previous legal cases.
2 [U] the process of comparing one thing with another thing that has similar features in order to explain it: learning by analogy
Collocation Dictionary


appropriate, apt, useful | close, obvious
A close analogy with the art of singing can be made.


draw, make, suggest, use
She drew an analogy between running the economy and a housewife's weekly budget.


fit, hold
The Wild West analogy does not fit here.


by ~ (to/with)
We can understand this theory by analogy with human beings.
| ~ between
She suggested an analogy between the human heart and a pump.
| ~ for
The computer is a useful analogy for the brain.
| ~ with
There is an analogy here with the way an engine works.


argument by/from analogy
Argument from analogy is not always valid.

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