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amount /ə'maunt/
  • danh từ
    • số lượng, số nhiều
      • a considerable amount: một số lượng đáng kể
      • a large amount of work: rất nhiều việc
    • tổng số
      • what's the amount of this?: tổng số cái này là bao nhiêu?
    • thực chất, giá trị thực; tầm quan trọng, ý nghĩa
      • this is the amount of what he promised: thực chất lời hứa của hắn là đây
  • nội động từ
    • lên đến, lên tới (tiền)
      • the bill amounts to 100đ: hoá đơn lên đến 100đ
    • chung qui là, rốt cuộc là, có nghĩa là, chẳng khác gì là
      • it amounts to the same thing: rốt cuộc cũng thế cả
      • this amounts to a refusal: cái đó chẳng khác gì là một lời từ chối
      • not to amount to much: không quan trọng, không đáng kể, không có ý nghĩa gì
Concise Dictionary
+how much of something is available
+a quantity of money
+how much there is of something that you can quantify
+a quantity obtained by the addition of a group of numbers
+be tantamount or equivalent to
+add up in number or quantity
+develop into

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 amount to.
(a) add up to, total, aggregate, come (up) to:
Waiter, what does my bill amount to, please?
(b) become, develop into:
That son of his will never amount to much.
2 quantity, volume, mass, expanse, bulk, supply, lot; number; magnitude:
What amount of water is needed to fill the container? She eats a huge amount of chocolates every day.
3 (sum) total, aggregate, extent, entirety:
What is the amount of the invoice without the tax?
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun [C, U]
1 a sum of money: The insurance company will refund any amount due to you. + You will receive a bill for the full amount. + Small amounts will be paid in cash.
2 ~ (of sth) (used especially with uncountable nouns) a quantity of sth: an amount of time / money / information + We've had an enormous amount of help from people. + The server is designed to store huge amounts of data.
Idioms: any amount of sth a large quantity of sth: There's been any amount of research into the subject.
no amount of sth used for saying that sth will have no effect: No amount of encouragement would make him jump into the pool.
Phrasal Verbs: amount to sth
1 to add up to sth; to make sth as a total: His earnings are said to amount to £300 000 per annum. + They gave me some help in the beginning but it did not amount to much (= they did not give me much help).
2 to be equal to or the same as sth: Her answer amounted to a complete refusal. + Their actions amount to a breach of contract. + We were jailed for a week-well, confined to quarters, but it amounted to the same thing.
Collocation Dictionary


considerable, copious ~s, enormous, huge, large, massive, significant, substantial, tremendous, vast
a considerable amount of money He drank copious amounts of beer.
| disproportionate, excessive, inordinate | increasing | fair
There was a fair amount of traffic on the roads.
| limited, minute, moderate, negligible, small, tiny | full, total
You must pay back the full amount of money that you owe.
| maximum, minimum
He aimed to cause the maximum amount of embarrassment.
| exact | equal, equivalent
Mix the colours in equal amounts. an amount equivalent to 0.3% per annum
| varying
Tap water also contains varying amounts of rust and grit.


double, increase | decrease, limit, reduce
They want to limit the amount of cash available.


double, increase
The amount of reclaimed glass used in industry has doubled in the last five years.
| decrease, fall
The average amount of pocket money received by teenagers fell to £4 a week this year.


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