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amicable /'æmikəbl/
  • tính từ
    • thân ái, thân mật, thân tình
      • amicable advice: lời khuyên thân tình
      • amicable talk: cuộc trò chuyện thân mật
    • thoả thuận, hoà giải
      • an amicable settlement: sự hoà giải, sự giải quyết thoả thuận với nhau
Concise Dictionary
+characterized by friendship and good will
Thesaurus Dictionary
friendly, amiable, congenial, harmonious, brotherly, kind-hearted; warm, courteous, cordial, polite, civil, pleasant; peaceful, peaceable:
Our countries have always enjoyed the most amicable relations.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
done or achieved in a polite or friendly way and without quarrelling: an amicable relationship + An amicable settlement was reached. + In spite of their disagreement they parted on amicable terms.
amicably adverb: The policeman chatted amicably to the bystanders.

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