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always /'ɔ:lwəz/
  • phó từ
    • luôn luôn, lúc nào cũng, bao giờ cũng, mãi mãi, hoài
    • not always
      • đôi khi, đôi lúc, thỉnh thoảng
Concise Dictionary
+at all times; all the time and on every occasion
+seemingly without interruption; often and repeatedly
+at any time or in any event
+forever; throughout all time

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 at all times, again and again, on all occasions, every or each time, each and every time, without exception, unexceptionally; often, many times, usually:
He that indulges hope will always be disappointed. I have always made coffee this way and see no reason for changing.
2 forever, continually, ever, perpetually; unceasingly, unendingly, eternally, evermore, ever after, everlastingly, till the end of time, in perpetuity:
You are a fool, Mike, and you will always be a fool.
3 in any case, as a last resort:
You could always refuse to pay.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 at all times; on every occasion: There's always somebody at home in the evenings. + Always lock your car whenever you leave it. + She always arrives at 7.30. + The children always seem to be hungry. + We're not always this busy!
2 for a long time; since you can remember: Pat has always loved gardening. + This is the way we've always done it. + This painting is very good-Ellie always was very good at art (= so it is not very surprising). + Did you always want to be an actor?
3 for all future time: I'll always love you.
4 if you say a person is always doing sth, or sth is always happening, you mean that they do it, or it happens, very often, and that this is annoying: She's always criticizing me. + That phone's always ringing. + Why are you always complaining about my cooking?
5 (can / could always ..., there's always ...) used to suggest a possible course of action: If it doesn't fit, you can always take it back. + If he can't help, there's always John.
Idioms: as always as usually happens or is expected: As always, Polly was late for school.
more at ONCE adv.

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