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alter /'ɔ:ltə/
  • nội động từ
    • thay đổi, biến đổi, đổi
      • to alter for the better: đổi tính, đổi nết trở nên tốt hơn
  • ngoại động từ
    • thay đổi; sửa đổi, sửa lại
      • to one's way of living: thay đổi lối sống
      • to alter one's mind: thay đổi ý kiến, thay đổi ý định
      • to have a shirt altered: đem sửa một cái áo sơ mi
    • (Mỹ, Uc) thiến, hoạn (súc vật)
Concise Dictionary
+cause to change; make different; cause a transformation
+make or become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence
+make an alteration to
+insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby
+remove the ovaries of

Thesaurus Dictionary
change, revise, modify, vary, transform; adjust, adapt, convert, remodel:
After the attack, we altered our opinion of the rebels. The dress fits better since being altered.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to become different; to make sb/sth different: [V] Property prices did not significantly alter during 1999. + He had altered so much I scarcely recognized him. + [VN] It doesn't alter the way I feel. + Nothing can alter the fact that we are to blame. + The old landscape has been radically altered, severely damaging wildlife. + This incident altered the whole course of events.
2 [VN] to make changes to a piece of clothing so that it will fit you better: We can have the dress altered to fit you. - CHANGE
Collocation Dictionary


considerably, dramatically, drastically, fundamentally, greatly, radically, significantly, substantially
He had not altered greatly in the last ten years.
| slightly


not alter the fact that
Unemployment has come down slightly but this does not alter the fact that it is still a major problem.

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