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  • (máy tính) cho vay tiếp; (toán kinh tế) tiền trợ cấp; tiền hoa hồng
Concise Dictionary
+an amount allowed or granted (as during a given period)
+a sum granted as reimbursement for expenses
+an amount added or deducted on the basis of qualifying circumstances
+a permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits
+a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets
+the act of allowing
+put on a fixed allowance, as of food
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 permission, toleration, tolerance, sufferance, admission, concession, sanction; allowing, permitting, tolerating, suffering, sanctioning, brooking, countenancing:
There were many causes of difference between them, the chief being the allowance of slavery in the south.
2 payment, recompense, remuneration, reimbursement, remittance:
Allowance will be made for all reasonable expenses.
3 stipend, dole, pin or pocket money, quota, ration; pension, annuity, allocation:
Bill gets a liberal weekly allowance for expenses.
4 deduction, discount, reduction, rebate; credit; tret; tare:
You must make allowance for the weight of the crate.
5 excuse(s), concession, consideration:
Allowance must be made for his poor eyesight.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 an amount of money that is given to sb regularly or for a particular purpose: an allowance of $20 a day + a clothing / living / travel allowance + Do you get an allowance for clothing?
2 the amount of sth that is allowed in a particular situation: a baggage allowance of 20 kilos + Roman soldiers received a salt allowance, called salarium, the origin of the word salary.
3 (BrE) an amount of money that can be earned or received before you start paying tax: personal tax allowances
4 (especially AmE) = POCKET MONEY
Idioms: make allowance(s) for sth to consider sth, for example when you are making a decision or planning sth: The budget made allowance for inflation. + The plan makes no allowance for people working at different rates.
make allowances (for sb) to allow sb to behave in a way that you would not usually accept, because of a problem or because there is a special reason: You have to make allowances for him because he's tired.
Collocation Dictionary

1 amount of sth that you are allowed


baggage, holiday


be entitled to, get, have
I get four weeks' holiday allowance a year.

2 amount of money sb receives regularly


generous, large | meagre, small | annual, daily, monthly, weekly | child, disability, family, housing, living, travel


be entitled to
You may be entitled to a housing allowance if you are in a low-paid job.
| get, receive | give sb, grant
The company gives me a travel allowance.


~ for
The weekly allowance for each child is £15.

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