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allot /ə'lɔt/
  • ngoại động từ
    • phân công, giao (phân việc cho ai); định dùng (một số tiền vào việc gì)
    • chia phần, phân phối, định phần
    • (quân sự) phiên chế
    • (quân sự) chuyển (một phần lương cho gia đình)
Concise Dictionary
+give out or allot
+allow to have
+administer or bestow, as in small portions

Thesaurus Dictionary
distribute, apportion, allocate, earmark, assign, parcel or dole out, deal (out), divide, share (out), dispense:
The millionaire allotted an equal share of his fortune to each of his children.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
(-tt-) ~ sth (to sb/sth)
~ (sb/sth) sth to give time, money, tasks, etc. to sb/sth as a share of what is available: [VN] I managed to complete the test within the time allotted. + [VN, VNN] How much money has been allotted to us? + How much money have we been allotted?

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