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alignment /ə'lainmənt/ (alinement) /ə'lainmənt/
  • danh từ
    • sự sắp thẳng hàng, sự sắp hàng
      • out of alignment: không thẳng hàng
      • in alignment with: thẳng hàng với
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U, C]
1 arrangement in a straight line: the alignment of the sun, moon and earth at a particular time + A bone in my spine was out of alignment.
2 political support given to one country or group by another: Japan's alignment with the West
Collocation Dictionary

1 arrangement in correct position




bring sth into


in ~ (with sth)
The door needs to be in alignment with the frame before you start work on it.
| out of ~
A few of the tiles were clearly out of alignment.

2 political support


close | military, political


establish, form | maintain


~ between
It is very difficult to maintain the alignment between the two countries since the trade dispute.
| ~ with
Britain formed a close alignment with Egypt in the last century.

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