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agree /ə'gri:/
  • nội động từ
    • đồng ý, tán thành, bằng lòng, thoả thuận
      • to agree go proposal: tán thành một lời đề nghị
      • to agree with someone: đồng ý với ai
    • hoà thuận
      • they can't agree: họ không thể sống hoà thuận với nhau được
    • hợp với, phù hợp với, thích hợp với
      • this food does not agree with me: thức ăn này không thích hợp với tôi
    • (ngôn ngữ học) hợp (về cách, giống, số...)
    • ngoại động từ
      • cân bằng (các khoản chi thu...)
      • agreed!
        • đồng ý!, tán thành!
      • to agree like cats and dogs
        • sống với nhau như chó với mèo
      • to agree to differ
        • (xem) differ
    Concise Dictionary
    +be in accord; be in agreement
    +consent or assent to a condition, or agree to do something
    +be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics
    +go together
    +show grammatical agreement
    +be agreeable or suitable
    +achieve harmony of opinion, feeling, or purpose

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 concur, conform, come or go together, coincide, correspond, harmonize, reconcile; accord, tally, Colloq jibe:
    At last my cheque-book agrees with my bank statement!
    2 Often, agree to. consent to, favour, acquiesce in or to, approve of, accede to, assent to:
    They finally agreed to our offer. We agreed terms with respect to the contract.
    3 concede, grant, consent, admit, approve, allow, accept, concur; accede (to), acquiesce (in or to), assent (to), see eye to eye:
    The committee agreed that she should be given time to comply with the request. I objected and they agreed with me.
    4 agree with. suit:
    The climate in England agrees with me, strange to say.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + verb
    share opinion
    1 ~ (with sb) (about / on sth)
    ~ (with sth) to have the same opinion as sb; to say that you have the same opinion: [V] When he said that, I had to agree. + He agreed with them about the need for change. + I agree with her analysis of the situation. + 'He's a lousy cook.' 'I couldn't agree more (= I completely agree)!' + [V (that)] We agreed (that) the proposal was a good one. + [V speech] 'That's true', she agreed.
    Antonym: DISAGREE
    2 be agreed (on / about sth)
    be agreed (that ...) if people are agreed or sth is agreed, everyone has the same opinion about sth: [VN] Are we all agreed on this? + [VN (that)] It was agreed (that) we should hold another meeting.
    say yes
    3 ~ (to sth) to say 'yes'; to say that you will do what sb wants or that you will allow sth to happen
    Synonym: CONSENT
    [V] I asked for a pay rise and she agreed. + Do you think he'll agree to their proposal? + [V (that)] She agreed (that) we could finish early. + [V to inf] He agreed to let me go early.
    4 to decide with sb else to do sth or to have sth: [VN] They met at the agreed time. + Can we agree a price? + They left at ten, as agreed. + [V] Can we agree on a date? + [V to inf] We agreed to meet on Thursday. + [V wh-] We couldn't agree what to do.
    5 [VN] to officially accept a plan, request, etc.
    Synonym: APPROVE
    Next year's budget has been agreed.
    be the same
    6 [V] ~ (with sth) to be the same as sth
    Synonym: TALLY
    The figures do not agree. + Your account of the accident does not agree with hers.
    Antonym: DISAGREE
    7 [V] ~ (with sth) to match a word or phrase in NUMBER, GENDER or PERSON: In 'Tom likes jazz', and 'They like rock music', the singular verb 'likes' agrees with the subject 'Tom' and the plural verb 'like' agrees with the pronoun 'they'.
    Idioms: agree to differ if two people agree to differ, they accept that they have different opinions about sth, but they decide not to discuss it any longer: We must just agree to differ on this.
    Phrasal Verbs: not agree with sb (of food) to make you feel ill/sick: I love strawberries, but they don't agree with me.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 share opinion


    heartily, strongly, very much
    I very much agree with the prime minister.
    | absolutely, completely, entirely, fully, wholeheartedly
    I agree entirely with what you have said.
    | broadly, generally
    It is generally agreed that more funding is needed for education.
    | unanimously | gravely, lamely, meekly, soberly, tartly
    ‘That's true,’ she agreed gravely.


    cannot | be inclined to
    I'm inclined to agree there'snothing we can do.


    We don't always agreeabout everything.
    | on/upon
    Arewe all agreed on this?
    | with
    Doyou agree with me that thescheme won't work?


    I couldn't agree more I
    couldn't agree more with what hasjust been said.
    | I quite agree, I'm sure you will agree
    I'm sureyou'll agree that this issue is vitallyimportant to the success of thecompany.

    2 say yes


    voluntarily | readily
    Shesuggested a walk in the open airand he readily agreed. |
    grudgingly, reluctantly | kindly
    Edith Harlow has kindly agreed tohelp.
    | tacitly | provisionally


    He agreed to our proposals.

    3 decide


    expressly | tacitly | verbally | provisionally
    It wasprovisionally agreed that 12August was to be the date.


    be unable to, fail to
    The two countries were unable to agree on a common strategy.


    agree to differ/disagree
    We must just agree to disagree onthis point.
    | (be) mutually agreed
    working towards mutuallyagreed goals |
    internationally/nationally agreed
    nationally agreed guidelines

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