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Concise Dictionary
+a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to
+a list of matters to be taken up (as at a meeting)

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
a list of items to be discussed at a meeting: The next item on the agenda is the publicity budget. + For the government, education is now at the top of the agenda (= most important). + In our company, quality is high on the agenda. + Newspapers have been accused of trying to set the agenda for the government (= decide what is important).
agenda / diary / schedule / timetable / itinerary
A book with a space for each day where you write down things that you have to do in the future is called a diary or a datebook (AmE) (not an agenda). You may also have a calendar on your desk or hanging up in your room, where you write down your appointments. A diary or a journal is also the record that some people keep of what has happened during the day: the Diary of Anne Frank.
In BrE your schedule is a plan that lists all the work that you have to do and when you must do each thing and a timetable is a list showing the fixed times at which events will happen: a bus/train timetable.In AmE these are both called a schedule.
An itinerary is a plan of a journey, including the route and the places you visit.
Collocation Dictionary


agreed | clear
A clear agenda will win votes in the next election.
| five-point, etc.
An 18-point agenda was drawn up for the meeting.
| hidden, secret
He accused the government of having a hidden agenda.
| real | full | narrow
The party has a rather narrow political agenda.
| radical | public | domestic, international | economic, legislative, policy/political, research


have | agree on, draw up, establish, set
The college needs to draw up an agenda for change.
| follow
We were following an agenda set by the students themselves.
| add sth to, put sth on
I will put this on the agenda for the next meeting.
| leave sth off, remove sth from, take sth off
The question of pay had been left off the agenda.
| circulate
A copy of the agenda is circulated to delegates a month before the conference.




on a/the ~
Safety at work is on the agenda for next month's meeting.
| off the ~
(figurative) An expensive holiday is definitely off the agenda this year (= not sth we can consider).
| ~ for
We have an agreed agenda for action.


firmly/high on the agenda
In our company, quality is high on the agenda.
| an item/a point on the agenda, next on the agenda
Next on the agenda is deciding where we're going to live.
| top of the agenda
Improving trade between the two countries will be top of the agenda at the talks. > Special page at MEETING

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