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against /ə'geinst/
  • giới từ
    • chống lại, ngược lại, phản đối
      • to fight against aggression: chiến đấu chống xâm lược
      • to be against aggression wars: phản đối chiến tranh xâm lược
      • to go against the wind: đi ngược chiều gió
    • tương phản với
      • black is against white: màu đen tương phản với màu trắng
    • dựa vào, tỳ vào, áp vào, đập vào
      • to stand against the wall: đứng dựa vào tường
      • to run against a rock: chạy va phải tảng đá
      • rain beats against the window-panes: mưa đập vào kính cửa sổ
    • phòng, đề phòng, phòng xa
      • to keep provisions against rainy days: dự trữ thực phẩm đề phòng những ngày mưa
    • ((thường) over against) đối diện với
      • his house is over against mine: nhà anh ta đối diện với nhà tôi
    • against time
      • (xem) time
Concise Dictionary
a·gainst || ə'genst
prep. versus; opposite; leaning on
adv. in an opposite position
Advanced English Dictionary
Help Note: For the special uses of against in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example count against sb is in the phrasal verb section at count.
1 opposing or disagreeing with sb/sth: the fight against terrorism + We're playing against the league champions next week. + We were rowing against the current. + That's against the law. + She was forced to marry against her will. + Are you for or against the death penalty? + She is against seeing (= does not want to see) him. + I'd advise you against doing that.
2 not to the advantage or favour of sb/sth: The evidence is against him. + Her age is against her.
Compare: FOR prep. (7)
3 close to, touching or hitting sb/sth: Put the piano there, against the wall. + The rain beat against the windows.
4 in order to prevent sth from happening or to reduce the harm caused by sth: an injection against rabies + They took precautions against fire. + Are we insured against theft?
5 with sth in the background, as a contrast: His red clothes stood out clearly against the snow. + (figurative) The love story unfolds against a background of civil war.
6 used when you are comparing two things: You must weigh the benefits against the cost. + Check your receipts against the statement. + What's the rate of exchange against the dollar?
Idioms see AS conj., STACKED

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