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after /'ɑ:ftə/
  • phó từ
    • sau, đằng sau
      • three days after: ba ngày sau
      • soon after: ngay sau đó
      • to follow after: theo sau
  • giới từ
    • sau, sau khi
      • after dinner: sau bữa cơm
    • ở đằng sau, phía sau, đứng sau, liền sau
      • Summer comes after Srping: mùa hạ đến liền sau mùa xuân
    • theo sau, theo đuổi (diễn tả ý tìm kiếm, sự mong muốn, sự trông nom săn sóc)
      • to be after something: đuổi theo cái gì, tìm kiếm cái gì
      • to thirst after knowledge: khao khát sự hiểu biết
      • to look after somebody: trông nom săn sóc ai
    • phỏng theo, theo
      • a pictures after Rubens: một bức tranh theo kiểu Ruben
      • after the Russian fashion: theo mốt Nga
    • với, do, vì
      • after a cool reception: với một sự tiếp đãi lạnh nhạt
    • mặc dù, bất chấp
      • after all the threats: bất chấp tất cả những sự doạ nạt
    • after all
      • cuối cùng, sau hết, rốt cuộc, xét cho cùng
    • after one's heart
      • (xem) heart
    • after a manner (fashion)
      • tàm tạm, tạm được
    • after that
      • (xem) that
    • after you!
      • xin mời đi trước!
    • after you with
      • sau anh thì đến lượt tôi đấy nhé
    • day after day
      • (xem) day
    • the day after
      • ngày hôm sau
    • time after time
      • (xem) time
  • liên từ
    • sau khi
      • I went immediately after I had received the information: sau khi nhận được tin tôi đi ngay
  • tính từ
    • sau này, sau đây, tiếp sau
      • in after years: trong những năm sau này; trong tương lai
    • (hàng hải) ở đằng sau, ở phía sau
      • the after part of the ship: phía sau tàu
Concise Dictionary
+located farther aft
+happening at a time subsequent to a reference time
+behind or in the rear

Advanced English Dictionary
preposition, conjunction, adverb, adjective
+ preposition
1 later than sth; following sth in time: We'll leave after lunch. + They arrived shortly after 5. + Not long after that he resigned. + Let's meet the day after tomorrow / the week after next. + After winning the prize she became famous overnight. + After an hour I went home (= when an hour had passed). + (AmE) It's ten after seven in the morning (= 7.10 a.m.)
2 (...after ...) used to show that sth happens many times or continuously: day after day of hot weather + I've told you time after time not to do that.
See also - one after another at ONE
3 behind sb when they have left; following sb: Shut the door after you. + I'm always having to clean up after the children (= clean the place after they have left it dirty and untidy). + He ran after her with the book. + She was left staring after him.
4 next to and following sb/sth in order or importance: Your name comes after mine in the list. + He's the tallest, after Richard. + After you (= Please go first). + After you with the paper. (= Can I have it next?)
5 in contrast to sth: It was pleasantly cool in the house after the sticky heat outside.
6 as a result of or because of sth that has happened: I'll never forgive him after what he said.
7 in spite of sth; although sth has happened: I can't believe she'd do that, not after all I've done for her.
8 trying to find or catch sb/sth: The police are after him. + He's after a job at our place.
9 about sb/sth: She asked after you (= how you were).
10 in the style of sb/sth; following the example of sb/sth: a painting after Goya + We named the baby 'Ena' after her grandmother.
11 (after-) (used in adjectives) happening or done later than the time or event mentioned: after-hours drinking (= after closing time) + an after-school club + after-dinner mints
Idioms: after all
1 in spite of what has been said or expected: So you made it after all!
2 used when you are explaining sth, or giving a reason: He should have paid. He suggested it, after all.
be after doing sth (IrishE)
1 to be going to do sth soon; to be intending to do sth soon
2 to have just done sth
+ conjunction
at a time later than sth; when sth has finished: I'll call you after I've spoken to them. + Several years after they'd split up they met again by chance in Paris.
+ adverb
later in time; afterwards: That was in 1996. Soon after, I heard that he'd died. + I could come next week, or the week after. + And they all lived happily ever after.
+ adjective [only before noun] (old use) following; later: in after years

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