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afloat /ə'flout/
  • tính từ & phó từ
    • nổi lênh đênh (trên mặt nước), lơ lửng (trên) không)
    • trên biển, trên tàu thuỷ
      • life afloat: cuộc sống trên biển
    • ngập nước
      • the ship sank slowly until the decks were afloat: con tàu chìm dần cho tới khi ngập nước
    • lan truyền đi (tin đồn)
      • there is a rumour afloat that: có tin đồn rằng
    • thịnh vượng, hoạt động sôi nổi
      • concern is now fairly afloat: công việc kinh doanh hiện nay rất thịnh vượng
    • hết nợ, sạch mợ, không mắc nợ ai
    • đang lưu hành
    • không ổn định, trôi nổi
Concise Dictionary
+aimlessly drifting
+borne on the water; floating
+covered with water

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective [not before noun]
1 floating on water: Somehow we kept the boat afloat. + He could not swim and only a life jacket kept him afloat.
2 (of a business, etc.) having enough money to pay debts; able to survive: They will have to borrow £10 million next year, just to stay afloat.
Collocation Dictionary

1 floating on water


be | remain, stay | set sth
The children set their new boat afloat on the lake.
| keep sth
struggling to keep the vessel afloat

2 able to survive financially


keep, stay
He is struggling to keep afloat after a series of emotional and health problems.
| keep sth
They had to sell their assets to keep the business afloat.

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