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afford /ə'fɔ:d/
  • ngoại động từ
    • có thể, có đủ sức, có đủ khả năng, có đủ điều kiện (để làm gì)
      • I can't afford to lose a minute: tôi không thể để mất một phút nào
    • cho, tạo cho, cấp cho, ban cho
      • reading affords us pleasure: đọc sách cho ta niềm vui thú
      • the fields afford enough fodder for the cattle: cánh đồng cung cấp đủ cỏ khô cho trâu bò
Concise Dictionary
+be able to spare or give up
+be the cause or source of
+have the financial means to do something or buy something
+afford access to

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 have the means, be able or rich enough, manage, bear the expense, pay, provide:
We cannot afford to send the children to better schools.
2 give, spare, give up, contribute, donate; sacrifice:
The loss of a single day's work was more than I could afford.
3 yield, give, supply, produce, provide, furnish, grant, offer; give forth:
May kind heaven afford him everlasting rest. The poems afford no explanation.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [no passive] (usually used with can, could or be able to, especially in negative sentences or questions) to have enough money or time to be able to buy or to do sth: [VN] Can we afford a new car? + None of them could afford £40 for a ticket. + She felt she couldn't afford any more time off work. + I'd give up work if I could afford it. + [V to inf] We can't afford to go abroad this summer. + She never took a taxi, even though she could afford to. + [VN to inf] He couldn't then afford the money to go on the trip.
2 [no passive] (usually used with can or could, especially in negative sentences and questions) if you say that you can't afford to do sth, you mean that you should not do it because it will cause problems for you if you do: [V to inf] We cannot afford to ignore this warning. + (formal) They could ill afford to lose any more staff. + [VN] We cannot afford any more delays.
3 (formal) to provide sb with sth: [VN] The tree affords some shelter from the sun. + The legislation aims to afford protection to employees. + [VNN] The programme affords young people the chance to gain work experience.
affordability noun [U]
affordable adjective: affordable prices / housing
Collocation Dictionary


easily, well
She can well afford to pay for herself.
| barely, hardly, ill, (only) just, not really
an amount which we could ill afford to pay


be able/unable to, can/can't, could (not)
I can't afford to eat in restaurants.

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