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affection /ə'fekʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự làm ảnh hưởng đến, sự làm tác động đến
    • tình cảm, cảm xúc
      • hope is one of the most pewerful affections of man: hy vọng là một trong những tình cảm mạnh mẽ nhất của con người
    • ((thường) + towards, for) lòng yêu thương, sự yêu mến, tình cảm, thiện ý
      • to have an affection for children: yêu trẻ
      • to win someone's affection: được ai thương yêu
    • bệnh tật, bệnh hoạn
    • affection towards khuynh hướng, thiện ý về
    • tính chất, thuộc tính
      • figure and weight are affections of bodies: hình dạng và trọng lượng là thuộc tính của vật thể
    • trạng thái cơ thể (do bị một cái gì tác động vào...)
    • lối sống
Concise Dictionary
+a positive feeling of liking
Thesaurus Dictionary
goodwill, (high) regard, liking, fondness, attachment, loving attachment, tenderness, warmth, love:
The affection she felt towards her stepchildren was returned many times over.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U, sing.] ~ (for sb/sth) the feeling of liking or loving sb/sth very much and caring about them: Mr Darcy's affection for his sister + Children need lots of love and affection. + He didn't show his wife any affection. + She was held in deep affection by all her students. + I have a great affection for New York.
2 (affections) [pl.] (written) a person's feelings of love: Anne had two men trying to win her affections. + The object of her affections was a young man named Paul.
Collocation Dictionary


deep, genuine, great, real, special, strong, warm | mutual


feel, have, hold sb in, retain
He was held in great affection by hundreds of students.
| display, express, give sb, show (sb) | get, receive | crave, need, want
He just wants a bit of affection.
| gain, win
She had tried hard to win his affection.
| alienate


with ~
He'll be remembered with genuine affection.
| ~ for
I have a deep affection for his mother.
| ~ to/towards
The teacher showed affection towards all her pupils.


a display of affection
I don't go in for public displays of affection.
| a feeling of affection
a strong feeling of affection
| love and affection
I yearn for the love and affection I once had.
| the object of sb's affections
The object of his affections was a young opera singer.
| a sign of affection, a show of affection

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