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affair /ə'feə/
  • danh từ
    • việc
      • it's my affair: đây là việc (riêng) của tôi
      • mind your own affair: hãy lo lấy việc của anh
    • (số nhiều) công việc, việc làm, sự vụ
      • internal affair of a country: công việc nội bộ của một nước
      • Department of Home affair: bộ nội vụ
      • Department of Foreign affairs: bộ ngoại giao
    • chuyện tình, chuyện yêu đương
    • chuyện vấn đề
      • affair of honour: vấn đề danh dự; cuộc đọ kiếm
    • việc buôn bán; việc giao thiệp
      • a profitable affair: việc buôn bán có lời
      • to have an affair with somebody: có việc giao thiệp với ai
    • (thông tục) cái, thứ, vật, đồ, món, chuyện
      • this motor-cycle is a very complicated affair: cái mô tô này thật là một món phức tạp quá
    • (quân sự) trận đánh nhỏ
Concise Dictionary
+a vaguely specified concern
+a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship
+a vaguely specified social event

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 matter, topic, issue; business, concern, interest, undertaking, activity:
These are affairs of state and require the approval of a minister.
2 concern, business, Slang US beeswax:
Who wiped the fingerprints off the weapon is none of your affair.
3 event, business, occurrence, happening, proceeding, incident, operation:
Last night's farewell party was truly a dull affair.
4 Also, affaire. love affair, amour, romance, intrigue, fling, liaison, relationship, affaire d'amour, affaire de coeur:
Lady Constance is having an affair with the gamekeeper.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
public / political activities
1 (affairs) [pl.] events that are of public interest or political importance: world / international / business affairs + an expert on foreign affairs (= political events in other countries) + affairs of state
2 [C, usually sing.] an event that people are talking about or describing in a particular way: The newspapers exaggerated the whole affair wildly. + The debate was a pretty disappointing affair. + She wanted the celebration to be a simple family affair. + the Whitewater affair
3 [C] a sexual relationship between two people, usually when one or both of them is married to sb else: She is having an affair with her boss. + They had a passionate affair for six months.
See also - LOVE AFFAIR
private business
4 (affairs) [pl.] matters connected with a person's private business and financial situation: I looked after my father's financial affairs.
5 [sing.] a thing that sb is responsible for (and that other people should not be concerned with): How I spend my money is my affair.
6 [C] (old-fashioned) (with an adjective) an object that is unusual or difficult to describe: Her hat was an amazing affair with feathers and a huge brim.
Idioms see STATE n.
Collocation Dictionary

1 event/situation


She saw the whole affair as a great joke.
| glittering, grand
I knew that the wedding would be a grand affair.
| sordid, sorry, squalid


deal with, handle
Many people have criticized the way the government handled the affair.
| be involved in | investigate


sb's involvement in the affair
He has tried to play down his involvement in the affair.
| a state of affairs
How did this state of affairs come about?
| wash your hands of the affair
(= to refuse to be responsible for sth or involved in sth)

2 sexual relationship


brief, casual | clandestine, secret | adulterous, extramarital | passionate, torrid | unhappy | love
a torrid love affair


carry on, conduct, have
He's having an affair with a colleague.


go on
How long has the affair been going on?


~ between
It's the story of a secret affair between a married teacher and her teenage student.
| ~ with
an affair with a married man

3 sth that concerns one person/small group


family, personal, sb's own
It's a family affair.


sb's affair
What I do at the weekend is my affair.
| no affair of sb's
That's no affair of yours.

4 affairs: important matters


a current affairs programme on television
| private, public | domestic, home, internal, national | community, local | European, foreign, external, international, world
the minister for foreign affairs
| business, financial, legal | commercial, consumer, cultural, economic, environmental, military, political, religious, social


administer, arrange, attend to, conduct, manage, run
I am trying to arrange my father's financial affairs.
| settle, wind up | interfere in, meddle in


affairs of state
The Cabinet will be discussing certain affairs of state.
| put/set your affairs in order
I want to put my affairs in order before I die.
| a state of affairs
the current state of affairs in schools

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