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across /ə'krɔs/
  • phó từ
    • qua, ngang, ngang qua
      • a bird is flying across: một con chim đang bay ngang qua
    • bắt chéo, chéo nhau, chéo chữ thập
      • to stand with legs across: đứng chéo khoeo
      • with arms across: khoanh tay
  • giới từ
    • qua, ngang, ngang qua
      • across the fields: ngang qua cánh đồng
    • ở bên kia, ở phía bên kia
      • the hotel is across the river: khách sạn ở bên kia sông
    • to come across
      • (xem) come
    • to get across somebody
      • cãi nhau với ai
    • to turn across
      • (xem) trun
    • to put it across somebody
      • (từ lóng) trả thù ai
    • đánh lừa ai
    • trừng phạt ai, sửa cho ai một trận
Concise Dictionary
+to the opposite side

Advanced English Dictionary
adverb, preposition
+ adverb
Help Note: For the special uses of across in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example come across is in the phrasal verb section at come.
1 from one side to the other side: It's too wide. We can't swim across. + The yard measures about 50 feet across.
2 in a particular direction towards or at sb/sth: When my name was called, he looked across at me.
3 (across from) opposite: There's a school just across from our house.
4 (of an answer in a CROSSWORD) written from side to side: I can't do 3 across.
+ preposition
1 from one side to the other side of sth: He walked across the field. + I drew a line across the page. + A grin spread across her face. + Where's the nearest bridge across the river?
2 on the other side of sth: There's a bank right across the street.
3 on or over a part of the body: He hit him across the face. + It's too tight across the back.
4 in every part of a place, group of people, etc.
Her family is scattered across the country. + This view is common across all sections of the community.

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