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acquit /ə'kwit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • trả hết, trang trải (nợ nần)
      • to acquit one's debt trang trải hết nợ nần: tha bổng, tha tội, tuyên bố trắng án
      • to be acquitted of one's crime: được tha bổng
    • to acquit oneself of làm xong, làm trọn (nghĩa vụ, bổn phận...)
      • to acquit oneself of a promise: làm trọn lời hứa
      • to acquit oneself of one's task: làm trọn nhiệm vụ
    • to acquit oneself
      • làm bổn phận mình, làm trọn phận mình; xử sự
    • to acquit oneself ill: làm không tốt phần mình, xử sự xấu
Concise Dictionary
+pronounce not guilty of criminal charges
+behave in a certain manner

Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (-tt-) [VN]
1 ~ sb (of sth) to decide and state officially in a court of law that sb is not guilty of a crime: The jury acquitted him of murder. + Both defendants were acquitted. + She was acquitted on all charges. + He was acquitted on the grounds of insufficient evidence.
Antonym: CONVICT
2 ~ yourself well, badly, etc. (formal) to perform or behave well, badly, etc: He acquitted himself brilliantly in the exams.

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