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accustom /ə'kʌstəm/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cho quen, tập cho quen
      • to accustom oneself to something: làm cho quen với việc gì
Concise Dictionary
+make psychologically or physically used (to something)
Thesaurus Dictionary
familiarize, acquaint, habituate, train, season; acclimatize or acclimate:
Start off by wearing your contact lenses for an hour at a time in order to accustom your eyes to them. She soon accustomed herself to the new surroundings.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
Phrasal Verbs: accustom yourself / sb to sth to make yourself/sb familiar with sth or become used to it: It took him a while to accustom himself to the idea. + She quickly accustomed herself to the darkness. + Education should accustom children to thinking for themselves.

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