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accuracy /'ækjurəsi/ (accurateness) /'ækjuritnis/
  • danh từ
    • sự đúng đắn, sự chính xác; độ chính xác
      • accuracy of fire: sự bắn chính xác
      • high accuracy: độ chính xác cao
      • accuracy of measurement: độ chính xác của phép đo
Concise Dictionary
+the quality of being near to the true value
+(mathematics) the number of significant figures given in a number

Thesaurus Dictionary
exactness, correctness, Loosely precision, preciseness:
The translation from the Greek has been accomplished with great accuracy. Rifling the inside of the barrel of a firearm increases its accuracy.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[U] the state of being exact or correct; the ability to do sth skilfully without making mistakes: They questioned the accuracy of the information in the file. + Candidates are judged on technical accuracy as well as artistic expression. + She hits the ball with great accuracy.
Collocation Dictionary


absolute, complete, deadly, perfect, pinpoint, total, unerring
The needle has to be positioned with pinpoint accuracy.
| amazing, considerable, great, high
remarkable, uncanny | reasonable, sufficient | factual, historical, technical


degree, level
The missiles are capable of a very high degree of accuracy.


improve, increase
We are hoping to improve the accuracy of our forecasts.
| check, confirm, test | ensure
Great care is taken to ensure the accuracy of research data.
| doubt, question
Many people began to question the accuracy of his statement.


with ~
It is possible to predict the outcome with reasonable accuracy.

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