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accumulate /ə'kju:mjuleit/
  • động từ
    • chất đống, chồng chất, tích luỹ, gom góp lại
      • to accumulate capital: tích luỹ vốn
      • to accumulate good experience: tích luỹ những kinh nghiệm hay
      • garbage accumulated: rác rưởi chất đống lên
    • làm giàu, tích của
    • thi cùng một lúc nhiều bằng (ở trường đại học)
Concise Dictionary
+get or gather together
+collect or gather

Thesaurus Dictionary
collect, gather, amass, mass, pile or heap up, aggregate, cumulate; assemble, store, stock, hoard, stockpile, put or lay away:
Overnight, the snow accumulated in six-foot drifts about the house. Ill fares the land, to hast'ning ills a prey,/Where wealth accumulates, and men decay.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [VN] to gradually get more and more of sth over a period of time: I seem to have accumulated a lot of books. + By investing wisely she accumulated a fortune. + We have accumulated a great amount of evidence.
2 [V] to gradually increase in number or quality over a period of time
Synonym: BUILD UP
Debts began to accumulate. + Dust and dirt soon accumulate if a house is not cleaned regularly.
accumulation noun [U, C]: the accumulation of wealth + an accumulation of toxic chemicals
Collocation Dictionary


gradually, slowly | steadily | rapidly


begin to | be allowed to
Dirt must not be allowed to accumulate.
| tend to
Toxic chemicals tend to accumulate in the body.

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