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account /ə'kaunt/
  • danh từ
    • sự tính toán
      • to cast account: tính toán
    • sự kế toán; sổ sách, kế toán
      • to keep accounts: giữ sổ sách kế toán
      • profit and loss account: mục tính lỗ lãi
    • bản kê khai; bản thanh toán tiền, bản ghi những món tiền phải trả
      • account of expenses: bản kê khai các khoảng chi tiêu
      • to make out an account of articles: làm bản kê khai mặt hàng
      • to send in an account with the goods: gửi hàng kèm theo hoá đơn thanh toán tiền
    • sự thanh toán
      • to render (settle) an account: thanh toán một khoản tiền (một món nợ)
    • sự trả dần, sự trả làm nhiều kỳ
      • to pay a sum on account: trả dần một số tiền
      • sale for the account: bán trả dần
    • tài khoản, số tiền gửi
      • to have an account in the bank: có tiền gửi ngân hàng
      • account current: số tiền hiện gửi
    • lợi, lợi ích
      • to turn something to account: sử dụng cái gì làm cho có lợi, lợi dụng cái gì
      • to find one's in...: tìm thấy điều lợi ở...; được hưởng lợi ở...
    • lý do, nguyên nhân, sự giải thích
      • to give an account of something: giải thích cái gì
      • on no account: không vì một lý do gì
      • on account of: vì
    • báo cáo, bài tường thuật; sự tường thuật, sự miêu tả
      • to give an account of something: thuật lại chuyện gì
      • a detailed account of a football match: bài tường thuật chi tiết về một trận bóng đá
    • sự đánh giá, sự chú ý, sự lưu tâm
      • to take into account: để ý tới, lưu tâm tới, đếm xỉa tới
      • to make little account of: coi thường, không kể đến, không đếm xỉa đến, đánh giá thấp
    • tầm quan trọng, giá trị
      • of much account: đáng kể
      • of small account: không có gì đáng kể lắm
    • according to all accounts
      • theo sự đánh giá chung, theo ý kiến chung
    • to balance the accounts
      • (xem) balance
    • by all accounts
      • (như) according to all accounts
    • to be called (to go) to one's account
      • (xem) go
    • to call (bring) to account
      • bắt phải báo cáo sổ sách, bắt phải báo cáo mọi khoản thu chi; bắt phải giải thích (về cái gì...)
    • to cast up accounts
      • (đùa cợt); (thông tục) nôn mửa
    • to cook (doctor) an account
      • giả mạo sổ sách (kế toán); bịa ra một khoản, kê khai giả mạo một khoản
    • to demand an account
      • đòi báo cáo sổ sách; bắt phải giải thích (việc gì...)
    • to give a good account of oneself
      • gây được tiếng tốt cho mình; (thể dục,thể thao) thắng lợi, đạt được kết quả tốt
    • the great account
      • (tôn giáo) ngày tận thế
    • to hand in one's accounts
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) thoát nợ đời; chết
    • to hold of much account
      • đánh giá cao, coi trọng
    • to lay [one's] account for (on, with) something
      • mong đợi ở cái gì; hy vọng ở cái gì
    • to leave out of account
      • không quan tâm đến, không để ý đến, không đếm xỉa đến
    • on one's own account
      • vì mình, vì lợi ích của mình, vì mục đích của mình
    • tự mình phải gánh lấy mọi sự xảy ra
    • on somebody's account
      • vì ai
    • to settle (square, balance) accounts with somebody
      • thanh toán với ai
    • trả thù ai, thanh toán mối thù với ai
    • ngoại động từ
      • coi, coi như, coi là, cho là
        • to be accounted incocent: được coi là vô tội
    • nội động từ
      • (+ for) giải thích (cho)
        • this accounts for his behaviour: điều đó giải thích thái độ đối xử của hắn
      • giải thích (việc sử dụng, thanh toán, tính toán tiền nong)
        • has that sum been accounted for?: số tiền đó đã được giải thích là đem sử dụng vào việc gì chưa?
      • (thể dục,thể thao) bắn được, hạ được
        • he alone accounted for a score of pheasants: mình hắn cũng đã bắn được hai mươi con gà lôi
    Concise Dictionary
    +a formal contractual relationship established to provide for regular banking or brokerage or business services
    +the act of informing by verbal report
    +a record or narrative description of past events
    +a short account of the news
    +a statement of recent transactions and the resulting balance
    +a statement that makes something comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstances etc.
    +an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered
    +importance or value
    +the quality of taking advantage
    +be the sole or primary factor in the existence, acquisition, supply, or disposal of something
    +keep an account of
    +to give an account or representation of in words
    +furnish a justifying analysis or explanation

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 account for. explain, give a reason for, give or render a reckoning for, answer for, justify, reckon for:
    The treasurer has been able to account for every penny of expense. His desire to conceal his background accounts for his secrecy.
    2 calculation, accounting, reckoning, computation, (financial) statement; enumeration:
    The accounts show that the company has ample funds in reserve. Williams hasn't submitted his expense account for the trip.
    3 interest, profit, advantage, benefit, favour; sake:
    Nigel turned his convalescence to good account by writing a best seller. Don't read the book on my account.
    4 explanation, statement, description, report, recital, narrative, history, chronicle:
    The defendant gave a credible account of his whereabouts at the time of the crime.
    5 consideration, use, worth, importance, consequence, note, value, merit; standing, significance, estimation, esteem:
    The committee decided that length of service is of some account in determining retirement pensions.
    6 story, narration, narrative, report, tale, relation, description:
    Alice's account of the rabbit wearing a waistcoat is unbelievable.
    7 take into account or take account of. notice, take note of, consider, take into consideration, allow for:
    In passing sentence, the judge took into account the child's poverty and the fact that it was Christmas time.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    at bank
    1 (abbreviation a / c) an arrangement that sb has with a bank, etc. to keep money there, take some out, etc: I don't have a bank account. + to have an account at / with a bank + to open / close an account + What's your account number please? + I paid the cheque into my savings account. + a joint account (= one in the name of more than one person)
    business records
    2 [usually pl.] a written record of money that is owed to a business and of money that has been paid by it: to do the accounts + to keep the accounts up to date + the accounts department
    with shop / store
    3 (BrE also credit account) (AmE also charge account) an arrangement with a shop/store or business to pay bills for goods or services at a later time, for example in regular amounts every month: Put it on my account please. + We have accounts with most of our suppliers.
    regular customer
    4 (business) a regular customer: The advertising agency has lost several of its most important accounts.
    5 an arrangement that sb has with a company that allows them to use the Internet, send and receive messages by e-mail, etc: an Internet / e-mail account
    6 a written or spoken description of sth that has happened: She gave the police a full account of the incident. + The diaries contained detailed accounts of the writer's experiences in China.
    7 an explanation or a description of an idea, a theory or a process: the Biblical account of the creation of the world
    Idioms: by / from all accounts according to what other people say: I've never been there, but it's a lovely place, by all accounts.
    by your own account according to what you say yourself: By his own account he had an unhappy childhood.
    give a good / poor account of yourself (BrE) to do sth or perform well or badly, especially in a contest: The team gave a good account of themselves in the match on Saturday.
    of no / little account (formal) not important: Emotional matters were of no account to them during the war.
    on account if you buy sth or pay on account, you pay nothing or only a small amount immediately and the rest later
    on sb's account because of what you think sb wants: Please don't change your plans on my account.
    on account of sth because of sth: She retired early on account of ill health. + The marsh is an area of great scientific interest on account of its wild flowers.
    on no account
    not on any account (used to emphasize sth) not for any reason: On no account should the house be left unlocked.
    on your own account
    1 for yourself: In 1992 Smith set up in business on his own account.
    2 because you want to and you have decided, not sb else: No one sent me, I am here on my own account.
    on this / that account (formal) because of the particular thing that has been mentioned: Weather conditions were poor, but he did not delay his departure on that account.
    put / turn sth to good account (formal) to use sth in a good or helpful way: He turned his artistic talents to good account by becoming a sculptor.
    take account of sth
    take sth into account to consider particular facts, circumstances, etc. when making a decision about sth: The company takes account of environmental issues wherever possible. + Coursework is taken into account as well as exam results. + The defendant asked for a number of other offences to be taken into account.
    more at BLOW n., CALL v., SETTLE v.
    + verb [usually passive] (formal) to have the opinion that sb/sth is a particular thing: [VN-ADJ] In English law a person is accounted innocent until they are proved guilty. + [VN-N] The event was accounted a success.
    Idioms: there's no accounting for taste (saying) used to say how difficult it is to understand why sb likes sb/sth that you do not like at all: She thinks he's wonderful-oh well, there's no accounting for taste.
    Phrasal Verbs: account for sth
    1 to be the explanation or cause of sth: The poor weather may have accounted for the small crowd. + Oh well, that accounts for it (= I understand now why it happened).
    2 to give an explanation of sth: How do you account for the show's success? + He was unable to account for the error.
    3 to be a particular amount or part of sth: The Japanese market accounts for 35% of the company's revenue.
    account for sb/sth
    1 to know where sb/sth is or what has happened to them, especially after an accident: All passengers have now been accounted for. + Three files cannot be accounted for.
    2 (informal) to defeat or destroy sb/sth: Our anti-aircraft guns accounted for five enemy bombers.
    account for sth (to sb) to give a satisfactory record of how the money in your care has been spent: We have to account for every penny we spend on business trips.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 description


    brief, short | blow-by-blow, comprehensive, detailed, full, graphic, vivid
    He gave us a blow-by-blow account of the incident.
    | accurate, clear, eyewitness, factual, first-hand, true, verbatim | glowing, good
    She received a glowing account of her son's progress.
    | newspaper
    the newspaper account of the trial


    give (sb), provide (sb with), write (sb)
    Can you give us an account of what happened?


    in an/the ~
    Dr Richards describes this very well in his account of the events.


    by all accounts
    (= according to what people say)I've never been there, but it's a lovely place by all accounts.
    | by sb's own account
    By his own account he had an unhappy childhood.

    2 arrangement with a bank


    bank, building society | current | deposit, investment, savings | personal | business | joint, separate
    My husband and I have separate accounts.
    | numbered
    They have a numbered account in Switzerland.


    have, hold
    Go and see the manager of the bank where your account is held.
    | open
    She opened a savings account at the building society.
    | close | credit sth to, pay/put sth into
    The money will be credited to your account tomorrow.
    | debit (sth from), draw sth out (of), pay sth from, take sth out (of), withdraw sth (from)
    She had taken all her money out of her account.
    | overdraw
    Your account is overdrawn.


    ~ at
    He opened an account at a bank in Germany.
    | ~ with
    an account with Barclays Bank

    3 accounts: record of money a business earns/spends


    do, keep
    Try to keep accurate accounts.
    | audit, check, look at | submit
    Your accounts will need to be submitted to the tax office.


    be in order
    The accounts are all in order. > Special page at BUSINESS

    4 arrangement with a shop/business


    (= an arrangement to charge expenses to your own employers)taking clients for expense account lunches


    have | open
    I'd like to open an account, please.
    | close | pay off, settle
    It is best to settle the account each month. | charge sth to, debit (sth from), put sth onCharge this to my account, please.
    | credit sth to


    on ~
    Ring for a cab on account.
    | ~ at/with
    an account with a large store



    The increase can be fully accounted for.
    | partly
    The differences in achievement between the pupils are partly accounted for by differences in age.

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