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accompaniment /ə'kʌmpənimənt/
  • danh từ
    • vật phụ thuộc, vật kèm theo; cái bổ sung
    • (âm nhạc) sự đệm (dàn nhạc); phần nhạc đệm
Concise Dictionary
+an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another
+a subordinate musical part; provides background for more important parts
+the act of accompanying someone or something in order to protect them

Advanced English Dictionary
noun ~ (to sth)
1 [C, U] music that is played to support singing or another instrument: traditional songs with piano and flute accompaniment
2 [C] something that you eat, drink or use together with sth else: These wines make a good accompaniment to most fish dishes.
3 [C] (formal) something that happens at the same time as another thing: High blood pressure is a common accompaniment to this disease.
Idioms: to the accompaniment of sth
1 while a musical instrument is being played: They performed to the accompaniment of Spanish guitars.
2 while sth else is happening: She made her speech to the accompaniment of loud laughter.
Collocation Dictionary

1 sth eaten/drunk with food


delicious, good, ideal


be, make


~ for/to
These wines also make a good accompaniment for vegetarian dishes.

2 music played to go with singing, etc.


instrumental, musical, orchestral | piano, string, etc.


provide | compose, write


to the ~ of
She sang to the accompaniment of guitars.
| with an ~
I prefer to sing with an accompaniment.

3 sth that happens at the same time


essential, inevitable, necessary


to the ~ of
The women's medical school opened in 1874, to the accompaniment of much ridicule of ‘lady doctors’.
| with the ~ of
the market, with its inevitable accompaniment of bustle and noise

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