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acceptable /ək'septəbl/
  • tính từ
    • có thể nhận, có thể chấp nhận
    • có thể thừa nhận
    • thoả đáng, làm hài lòng; được hoan nghênh, được tán thưởng
Concise Dictionary
+worthy of acceptance or satisfactory
+judged to be in conformity with approved usage
+meeting requirements
+adequate for the purpose

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 satisfactory, adequate, tolerable, all right, sufficient, admissible, passable, Colloq OK, okay:
The bread and meat were acceptable, but the beer was awful.
2 agreeable, pleasing, welcome, satisfying, delightful, pleasant, pleasing:
Most people find her compliments quite acceptable.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 agreed or approved of by most people in a society: Children must learn socially acceptable behaviour.
2 ~ (to sb) that sb agrees is satisfactory or allowed: We want a political solution that is acceptable to all parties. + For this course a pass in English at grade B is acceptable. + Air pollution in the city had reached four times the acceptable levels.
3 not very good but good enough: The food was acceptable, but no more. - ENOUGH
acceptability noun [U]
acceptably adverb
Collocation Dictionary


be, prove, seem | become | make sth
an attempt to make the reforms acceptable to both sides
| consider sth, deem sth, find sth
We must come up with a solution that our shareholders will find acceptable.


eminently, highly, very
Her breeding and background made her eminently acceptable in royal circles.
| completely, entirely, fully, perfectly, quite, totally
Yogurt is a perfectly acceptable substitute for cream in cooking.
| fairly, reasonably | (not) remotely
the only national newspaper even remotely acceptable to the left wing
| generally, mutually, universally, widely | easily, readily | equally
Are all political and religious groups equally acceptable?
| publicly | commercially, culturally, environmentally, ethically, grammatically, morally, politically, socially
a grammatically acceptable sentence socially acceptable behaviour


a compromise that is acceptable to both sides

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