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academy /ə'kædəmi/
  • danh từ
    • học viện
      • a military academy: học viện quân sự
    • viện hàn lâm
    • trường chuyên nghiệp
    • trường tư thục (dành cho trẻ em nhà giàu)
    • vườn A-ca-đê-mi (khu vườn gần A-ten nơi Pla-ton giảng triết học); trường phái triết học Pla-ton; môn đệ của Pla-ton
Concise Dictionary
+a secondary school (usually private)
+an institution for the advancement of art or science or literature
+a school for special training
+a learned establishment for the advancement of knowledge

Advanced English Dictionary
(plural academies)
1 noun a school or college for special training: the Royal Academy of Music + a police / military academy
2 (usually Academy) a type of official organization which aims to encourage and develop art, literature, science, etc: the Royal Academy of Arts
3 a secondary school in Scotland or a private school in the US
Collocation Dictionary


military, naval, police, riding


attend, go to


at an/the ~
He later studied at the Royal Academy.

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