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absorption /əb'sɔ:pʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự hút, sự hút thu
    • sự say mê, miệt mài, sự mê mải
Concise Dictionary
+(chemistry) a process in which one substance permeates another; a fluid permeates or is dissolved by a liquid or solid
+(physics) the process in which incident radiated energy is retained without reflection or transmission on passing through a medium
+the social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another
+the process of absorbing nutrients into the body after digestion
+complete attention; intense mental effort
+the mental state of being preoccupied by something

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U]
1 the process of a liquid, gas or other substance being taken in: Vitamin D is necessary to aid the absorption of calcium from food.
2 the process of a smaller group, country, etc. becoming part of a larger group or country: the absorption of immigrants into the host country
3 ~ (in sth) the fact of sb being very interested in sth so that it takes all their attention: His work suffered because of his total absorption in sport.

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