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welcome /'welk m/
  • tính từ
    • được tiếp đ i ân cần, được hoan nghênh
      • a welcome guest: một người khách được tiếp đ i ân cần
      • to make someone welcome: đón tiếp ai ân cần; làm cho ai thấy mình là khách được hoan nghênh
      • to be welcome: cứ tự nhiên, cứ việc dùng, được tự do
      • you are welcome to my bicycle: anh cứ việc dùng xe đạp của tôi
      • you are welcome to go with them or to stay at home: anh muốn đi với họ hay ở nhà cũng được, xin cứ tự
      • nhiên
    • hay, dễ chịu, thú vị
      • a welcome change: sự thay đổi dễ chịu
      • welcome news: tin hay, tin vui
      • to be most welcome: đến đúng lúc
    • you are welcome
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) không dám, có gì đâu (nói để đáp lại lời cm n)
  • thán từ
    • hoan nghênh!
      • Welcome to Vietnam!: hoanh nghênh các bạn đến thăm Việt nam!
  • danh từ
    • sự được tiếp đ i ân cần, sự đón tiếp ân cần; sự hoan nghênh
      • to receive a warm welcome: được đón tiếp niềm nở
      • to meet with a cold welcome: được đón tiếp một cách lạnh nhạt
      • to wear out (outstay) one's welcome: ở chi lâu đến nỗi người ta không muốn tiếp nữa
      • to bid someone welcome: chào mừng ai
  • ngoại động từ
    • đón tiếp ân cần; hoan nghênh
      • to welcome a friend home: đón tiếp ân cần một người bạn ở nhà mình, hoan nghênh một người bạn đi xa mới
      • về nước
      • to welcome a suggestion: hoan nghênh một lời gợi ý
Concise Dictionary
+the state of being welcome
+a greeting or reception
+accept gladly
+bid welcome to; greet upon arrival
+receive someone, as into one's house
+giving pleasure or satisfaction or received with pleasure or freely granted
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 greet, hail, meet, receive, accept, offer hospitality (to):
Everywhere she went she was welcomed with open arms.
2 accepted, acceptable, well-received, desirable, agreeable, gratifying, appreciated:
Norma is always a welcome guest at my house. Ice cream was a welcome relief from the perennial plum duff.
3 freely permitted or allowed, invited, entitled, suffered:
At that hotel, guests are welcome to dine when they please.
4 reception, greeting, salutation:
We gave the ambassador a warm welcome.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, adjective, noun, exclamation
+ verb
1 ~ sb (to sth) to greet sb in a friendly way when they arrive somewhere: [VN] They were at the door to welcome us. + It is a pleasure to welcome you to our home. + [V] a welcoming smile
2 [VN] to be pleased that sb has come or has joined an organization, activity, etc: They welcomed the new volunteers with open arms (= with enthusiasm).
3 [VN] to be pleased to receive or accept sth: I'd welcome any suggestions. + I warmly welcome this decision. + In general, the changes they had made were to be welcomed.
+ adjective
1 that you are pleased to have, receive, etc: a welcome opportunity / relief / sight + Your letter was very welcome. + The fine weather made a welcome change.
2 (of people) accepted or wanted somewhere: Children are always welcome at the hotel. + Our neighbours made us welcome as soon as we arrived. + I had the feeling we were not welcome at the meeting. + a welcome guest / visitor
3 ~ to do sth (especially spoken) used to say that you are happy for sb to do sth if they want to: They're welcome to stay here as long as they like. + You're welcome to use the pool.
4 ~ to sth (especially spoken) used to say that you are very happy for sb to have sth because you definitely do not want it: It's an awful job. If you want it, you're welcome to it!
Idioms: you're welcome (especially AmE) used as a polite reply when sb thanks you for sth: 'Thanks for your help.' 'You're welcome.'
+ noun
1 [C, U] a greeting that is given to sb when they arrive, especially a friendly one: Thank you for your warm welcome. + The winners were given an enthusiastic welcome when they arrived home. + a speech / smile of welcome + to receive a hero's welcome
2 [C] the way that people react to sth, which shows their opinion of it: This new comedy deserves a warm welcome. + The proposals were given a cautious welcome by the trade unions.
Idioms: outstay / overstay your welcome to stay somewhere as a guest longer than you are wanted
exclamation used as a greeting to a person who is arriving: Welcome home! + Welcome to Oxford!
Collocation Dictionary


big, enthusiastic, friendly, great, rapturous, rousing, special, tumultuous, warm
The audience gave the band a rousing welcome.
| broad, general
The proposals have been given a broad welcome by green campaigners.
| cautious, guarded, qualified | cool, cold, chilly | official | hero's
She got a hero's welcome on her return from the Olympics.


get, receive | extend, give sb | await
A warm welcome awaits you at this family-run hotel.
| outstay/overstay your
Sensing that he had outstayed his welcome, he quickly said his goodbyes and left.


in ~
She held out her arms in welcome.
| ~ from
The proposal received a cautious welcome from the Opposition.
| ~ to
A big welcome to our special guest, Sir James Greenan. They received a cold welcome to their new home.


a smile of welcome, a speech of welcome, words of welcome


1 greet sb/be pleased sb has come


heartily, warmly
If you visit our town you will be warmly welcomed.
| formally, officially | back
The whole family turned out to welcome him back.


be delighted to, be pleased to | prepare to, wait to
The school is preparing to welcome the new intake of students.


He welcomed us into the club.
| to
We are delighted to welcome you to our firm.


look forward to welcoming sb, welcome sb with open arms
They welcomed the new volunteers with open arms (= with enthusiasm).

2 be pleased about sth and support it


enthusiastically, particularly, greatly, warmly
Many companies have warmly welcomed these changes in legislation.
| positively
We positively welcome applications from all sections of the community.
| broadly | cautiously
Foreign bankers and economists cautiously welcomed the minister's initiative.
| initially


be generally/universally/widely welcomed
The proposals have been widely welcomed.



be, feel | make sb
They made us very welcome in their home.


doubly, especially, extremely, highly, more than, most, particularly, very
The 1% rate cut is highly welcome. You would be a most welcome guest.
| perfectly, quite
You are perfectly welcome to stay here: I can't offer five-star accommodation, that's all.
| not at all, not entirely
He made it plain that Holman's interest in his business affairs was not at all welcome.
| always
Visitors are always welcome.


New members are welcome to the club.

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