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slob /slɔb/
  • danh từ
    • (tiếng địa phương) bùn
    • vật lõng bõng
    • (thông tục) người ngớ ngẩn vụng về
Thesaurus Dictionary
oaf, boor, pig, lout, churl, yahoo, Slang Brit yob, yobbo, Chiefly US galoot or galloot, Slobbovian:
He was a complete slob - he never tidied his room, and hardly ever washed.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun (informal, disapproving) a person who is lazy and dirty or untidy: Get out of bed, you fat slob!
+ verb (-bb-)
Phrasal Verbs: slob around / out (BrE, slang) to spend time being lazy and doing nothing

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