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night /nait/
  • danh từ
    • đêm, tối, cảnh tối tăm
      • the whole night: suốt đêm, cả đêm
      • by night: về đêm
      • at night: ban đêm
      • night after night: đêm đêm
      • night and day: suốt ngày đêm không dứt
      • o' nights: (thông tục) về đêm, ban đêm
      • tomorrow night: đêm mai
      • at (in the) deal of night: lúc nửa đêm, lúc đêm khuya thanh vắng
      • as black (dark) as night: tôi như đêm
      • a dirty night: một đêm mưa bão
      • to have (pass) a good night: đêm ngủ ngon
      • to have (pass) a bad night: đêm mất ngủ, một đêm ngủ không yên
      • night out: tối được nghỉ, tối rảnh việc (người làm); (một) đêm đi chơi không về nhà
      • to make a night of it: vui đùa, chơi bời, rượu chè cả đêm
      • to turn night into day: lấy đêm làm ngày
      • the night of ignorance: cảnh ngu dốt tối tăm
Concise Dictionary
+the time after sunset and before sunrise while it is dark outside
+the time between sunset and midnight
+the period spent sleeping
+the dark part of the diurnal cycle considered a time unit
+a shortening of nightfall
+a period of ignorance or backwardness or gloom
+Roman goddess of night; daughter of Erebus; counterpart of Greek Nyx

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 (Stygian or Cimmerian) dark or darkness or blackness or gloom; night-time, shades of night, Formal tenebrosity or tenebrousness or tenebriousness:
The strange creature slunk off into the night.
2 nightfall, gloaming, twilight, dusk, eventide, evening, evensong, edge of night, sunset, sundown, end of day, vespers:
When night comes, one can hear the frogs calling from the pond.
3 night and day. all the time, continually, incessantly, unceasingly, continuously, unendingly, endlessly, round-the-clock, ceaselessly, non-stop:
Those animals keep up their caterwauling night and day.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U, C]
1 the time of darkness between one day and the next, usually when people sleep: These animals only come out at night. + They sleep by day and hunt by night. + The accident happened on Friday night. + on the night of 10 January / January 10 + Did you hear the storm last night? + I lay awake all night. + Where did you spend the night? + You're welcome to stay the night here. + What is he doing calling at this time of night? + You'll feel better after you've had a good night's sleep. + The trip was for ten nights. + The hotel costs £65 per person per night. + the night train / boat / flight + (written) Night fell (= it became dark).
2 the evening until you go to bed: Let's go out on Saturday night. + Bill's parents came for dinner last night. + She doesn't like to walk home late at night. + I saw her in town the other night (= a few nights ago). + I'm working late tomorrow night.
3 an evening when a special event happens: the first / opening night (= of a play, film / movie, etc.) + a karaoke night + an Irish / Scottish night (= with Irish / Scottish music, entertainment, etc.)
See also - STAG NIGHT
nights adverb (especially AmE): He can't get used to working nights (= at night).
Idioms: Good night (also Goodnight) used when you are saying goodbye to sb late in the evening, or when they or you are going to bed; in informal use people often just say Night: Good night. See you in the morning. + Night! Sleep well.
have an early / a late night to go to bed earlier or later than usual: I've had a lot of late nights recently.
have a good / bad night to sleep well/badly during the night
have a night on the tiles (BrE, informal) to stay out late enjoying yourself
night and day
day and night all the time; continuously: The machines are kept running night and day. + The store is open day and night.
night night used by children or to children, to mean 'Good night': 'Night night, sleep tight!'
a night out an evening that you spend enjoying yourself away from home: They enjoy a night out occasionally.
Collocation Dictionary

1 when it is dark and most people sleep


last, tomorrow | Friday, Saturday, etc. | early, late
I think I'll have an early night (= go to bed early).
| long | winter, etc. | bad, restless, sleepless | black, dark | clear, moonlit, starlit, starry | cold, stormy | wedding


have | spend
They spent the night in Bristol.
| stay
Ask your Mum if you can stay the night.


When it came the night fell quickly.
| progress, wear on
As the night wore on it grew colder.


air, sky | duty, shift


at ~
lying awake at night
| by ~
Paris by night
| during/in the ~
I woke in the night.
| for a/the ~, on Friday, etc. ~, per ~
The hotel costs £65 per person per night.
| through/throughout the ~


all night long, at this time of night, day and night/night and day
(= all the time),
a good night's sleep, good night
She kissed him good night.
| in the dead of night
(= in the middle of the night),
morning, noon and night
(= all the time)

2 time between late afternoon and when you go to bed


last, tomorrow | Friday, Saturday, etc. | the other
I saw her the other night (= a few nights ago).




at ~
She doesn't like to walk home late at night.
| by ~, on Friday, etc. ~

3 evening when a special event happens


first, opening | last
the last night of the play's run
| big, great, memorable | dance, election, quiz


make a night of it
They decided to make a night of it and went on to a club.
| a night out
Fancy a night out?

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