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copy /'kɔpi/
  • danh từ
    • bản sao, bản chép lại
      • certified copy: bản sao chính thức
      • certified true copy: bản sao đúng nguyên văn
      • to make a copy of a deed: sao một chứng từ
    • sự sao lại, sự chép lại, sự bắt chước, sự phỏng theo, sự mô phỏng
    • bản, cuộn (sách); số (báo)
    • (ngành in) bản thảo, bản in
    • đề tài để viết (báo)
      • this event will make good copy: sự kiện này sẽ là một đề tài hay để viết báo
    • kiểu, mẫu (một bức hoạ); kiểu (chữ)
    • fair (clean) copy
      • bản thảo đã sửa và chép lại rõ ràng trước khi đưa in
    • rough (foul) copy
      • bản nháp
  • động từ
    • sao lại, chép lại; bắt chước, phỏng theo, mô phỏng
      • to copy a letter: sao lại một bức thư
      • to copy out a passage from a book: chép lại một đoạn trong sách
      • to copy someone: bắt chước ai, làm theo ai
      • to copy someone's walk: bắt chước dáng đi của người nào
    • quay cóp
Concise Dictionary
+a reproduction of a written record (e.g. of a legal or school record)
+a secondary representation of an original
+matter to be printed; exclusive of graphical materials
+material suitable for a journalistic account
+copy down as is
+reproduce someone's behavior or looks
+reproduce or make an exact copy of
+make a replica of

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 reproduction, replica, facsimile, likeness, imitation, double, twin, duplication, duplicate, transcript, replication, carbon (copy), photocopy, print:
She found a copy of the lost manuscript.
2 example, sample, specimen:
How many copies of the book have been sold?
3 text, writing:
The copy is ready; we are waiting for the illustrations.
4 reproduce, duplicate, replicate, transcribe:
Don't copy others' work - they might be wrong.
5 imitate, mimic, impersonate, emulate, ape, parrot, echo:
Ted copies the rock stars in every possible detail of their dress and behaviour.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun (plural copies)
1 [C] ~ (of sth) a thing that is made to look like sth else, especially a document or a work of art: I will send you a copy of the report. + The thieves replaced the original painting with a copy. + You should make a copy of the disk as a back-up.
See also - HARD COPY
2 [C] a single example of a book, newspaper, etc. of which many have been made: a copy of 'The Times' + The book sold 20 000 copies within two weeks.
See also - BACK COPY
3 [U] written material that is to be printed in a newspaper, magazine, etc.; news or information that can be used in a newspaper article or advertisement: The subeditors prepare the reporters' copy for the paper and write the headlines. + This will make great copy for the advertisement.
4 = PHOTOCOPY: Could I have ten copies of this page, please?
+ verb (copies, copying, copied, copied)
1 [VN] to make sth that is exactly like sth else: They copied the designs from those on Greek vases. + Everything in the computer's memory can be copied onto diskettes.
2 [VN] ~ sth (from sth) (into / onto sth)
~ sth (down / out) to write sth exactly as it is written somewhere else: She copied the phone number into her address book. + I copied out several poems.
3 [VN] to behave or do sth in the same way as sb else
Synonym: IMITATE
She copies everything her sister does. + Their tactics have been copied by other terrorist organizations.
4 [V] ~ (from / off sb) to cheat in an exam, school work, etc. by writing what sb else has written and pretending it is your own work
5 [VN] (especially AmE) = PHOTOCOPY
Collocation Dictionary

1 document/work of art


accurate, faithful, good | cheap, crude, poor
It was not the original painting, but a crude copy.
| carbon, duplicate, exact, facsimile, identical, perfect, true
The twins were carbon copies of each other. It must be certified as a true copy of the original document.
| draft, working | clean, fair | master, original, top
Take a photocopy of the master copy.
| additional, extra, further, spare | multiple
The photocopier had been set for multiple copies.
| modern | certified | photographic, photostat | back-up
Remember to make back-up copies of all your disks.
| hard, paper, printed
(computing) You will need to supply a hard copy version of all files.


make, print, run off, take
I ran off a couple of copies of the letter.
| attach, enclose, send
I attach a copy of the report. Please find enclosed a copy of the draft document.
| circulate, distribute, supply
Copies of the article were circulated to members of the committee.
| obtain, receive | keep
Remember to keep copies of all your correspondence.

2 book/newspaper/tape, etc.


additional, extra, further, spare | back, old
I have a few back copies of the newspaper.
| advance
Advance copies of the book were sent out to reviewers.
| review | complimentary, free
Free copies of the leaflet are available from the Department of the Environment.
| illegal, illicit, pirate/pirated, unauthorized | manuscript, printed, proof | bound, hardback, leather-bound, paperback, presentation
The candidate must submit two bound copies of his or her thesis.
| battered, tattered, well-thumbed
my battered copy of Shakespeare's plays
| perfect, pristine | personal
Charles I's personal copy of the psalter
| signed


circulate, distribute | sign
Author Bob Woodhouse will be signing copies of his new book.


Even with the new legislation pirate copies will circulate.
| be available

3 written material


good, great | advertising | editorial | knocking
(informal) Knocking copy (= writing that just says how bad sb/sth is)is simply lazy journalism.


edit, prepare, produce, write
The subeditors prepare the reporters' copy for the paper.
| make
This will make great copy for the advertisement.


editor | date, deadline
Copy date (= the date for handing in copy)for the next issue is 1 May.

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