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confidential /,kɔnfi'denʃl/
  • tính từ
    • kín, bí mật; nói riêng với nhau
      • confidential information: tin mật
    • thân tín, tâm phúc; được tin cẩn
      • confidential friend: bạn tâm phúc
    • thổ lộ tâm tình, tâm sự
      • to be confidential with someone: tâm sự với ai
    • confidential agent
      • đặc vụ
    • confidential secretary
      • thư ký riêng
Concise Dictionary
+entrusted with private information and the confidence of another
+(of information) given in confidence or in secret
+denoting confidence or intimacy
+the level of official classification for documents next above restricted and below secret; available only to persons authorized to see documents so classified

Thesaurus Dictionary
private, secret, intimate; classified; Colloq hush-hush:
These confidential papers must never be out of your possession.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 meant to be kept secret and not told to or shared with other people: confidential information / documents + Your medical records are strictly confidential (= completely secret).
2 (of a way of speaking) showing that what you are saying is private or secret: He spoke in a confidential tone, his voice low.
3 [only before noun] trusted with private or secret information: a confidential secretary
confidentially adverb: She told me confidentially that she is going to retire early. + He leaned forward confidentially over the desk towards me.
Collocation Dictionary


be | remain | keep sth, treat sth as
The affair must be kept confidential. Information about prices is to be treated as confidential.


extremely, highly | absolutely, completely, strictly, totally
The findings are strictly confidential.
| commercially
commercially confidential data

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