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carrot /'kærət/
  • danh từ
    • cây cà rốt; củ cà rốt
    • (số nhiều) (từ lóng) tóc đỏ hoe; người tóc đỏ hoe
Concise Dictionary
+deep orange edible root of the cultivated carrot plant
+perennial plant widely cultivated as an annual in many varieties for its long conical orange edible roots; temperate and tropical regions
+orange root; important source of carotene
+promise of reward as in "carrot and stick"

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U, C] a long pointed orange root vegetable: grated carrot + a pound of carrots
2 [C] a reward promised to sb in order to persuade them to do sth: They are holding out a carrot of $120 million in economic aid. + It's a big carrot he's dangling in front of Marler's nose.
Idioms: the carrot and (the) stick (approach) if you use the carrot and stick approach, you persuade sb to try harder by offering them a reward if they do, or a punishment if they do not: The emphasis is on the carrot of incentive rather than the stick of taxes.
Collocation Dictionary

1 vegetable


raw | baby | diced, grated


eat, have | cook, prepare | peel, scrape | chop, dice, grate


top | cake | juice
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2 sth attractive offered to sb


dangle, hold out, offer (sb)
They dangled the carrot of a large salary in front of me.


a carrot and stick
to adopt the carrot-and-stick approach (= to persuade sb to try harder by offering them a reward if they do, or a punishment if they do not)

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