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atmosphere /'ætməsfiə/
  • danh từ
    • quyển khí
      • upper atmosphere: tầng quyển khí cao
      • outer atmosphere: tầng quyển khí ngoài
    • không khí (nghĩa đen) & bóng
      • the noisy atmosphere of a big city: không khí náo nhiệt của một thành phố lớn
      • tense atmosphere: không khí căng thẳng
    • Atmôfe (đơn vị)
      • absolute atmosphere: atmôtfe tuyệt đối
      • normal atmosphere: atmôfe tiêu chuẩn
      • technical atmosphere: atmôfe kỹ thuật
Concise Dictionary
+a particular environment or surrounding influence
+a unit of pressure: the pressure that will support a column of mercury 760 mm high at sea level and 0 degrees centigrade
+the mass of air surrounding the Earth
+the weather or climate at some place
+the envelope of gases surrounding any celestial body
+a distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 air, heaven(s), sky, aerosphere:
It is gravity that prevents the earth's atmosphere from drifting off into outer space.
2 air, ambience or ambiance, environment, climate, mood, feeling, feel, spirit, tone:
There's such a friendly atmosphere in the bar of the Golden Cockerel. The atmosphere became very chilly when she told him she was marrying someone else.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (the atmosphere) [sing.] the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth: the upper atmosphere + pollution of the atmosphere
2 [C] a mixture of gases that surrounds another planet or a star: Saturn's atmosphere
3 [C] the air in a room or in an enclosed space; the air around a place: a smoky / stuffy atmosphere + These plants love warm, humid atmospheres.
4 [C, U] the feeling or mood that you have in a particular place or situation; a feeling between two people or in a group of people: a party atmosphere + The hotel offers a friendly atmosphere and personal service. + Use music and lighting to create a romantic atmosphere. + There was an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect between them. + The children grew up in an atmosphere of violence and insecurity. + The old house is full of atmosphere (= it's very interesting).
Idioms see HEAVY adj.
Collocation Dictionary

1 general feeling in a place


calm, congenial, convivial, cosy, family, friendly, happy, homely, informal, pleasant, relaxed, warm, welcoming | (highly) charged, emotional, heavy, hostile, oppressive, stifling, strained, tense | carnival, electric, heady, lively
Before the parade, the atmosphere was electric.
| intimate, romantic | gloomy | rarefied, unique
the rarefied atmosphere of academic life


She tries to create an atmosphere of calm and security for her children.
| poison, ruin, sour, spoil
His blunt comments really soured the atmosphere.
| clear, improve, lighten
His funny remarks lightened the atmosphere.
| be aware of, be sensitive to, sense
She could sense the hostile atmosphere in the room.


be charged (with sth)
The atmosphere was charged with excitement.
| pervade sth, prevail
A relaxed atmosphere prevails in the club.


~ between
Since their argument there had been a strained atmosphere between them.

2 the air


heavy, humid, oppressive, polluted, smoky, stale, stifling, stuffy


poison, pollute
Pesticides can kill wildlife and pollute the atmosphere.
| clear
Last night's storm had cleared the atmosphere.

3 gases around the earth


lower, upper


enter, leave, re-enter
The spaceship should re-enter the earth's atmosphere later today.
| be emitted/released into, escape into
Dangerous gases have escaped into the upper atmosphere.


in the ~
levels of radiation in the atmosphere

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