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among /ə'mʌɳ/ (amongst) /ə'mʌɳst/
  • giới từ
    • giữa, ở giữa
      • among the crowd: ở giữa đám đông
    • trong số
      • among the guests were...: trong số khách mời có...
Concise Dictionary
a·mong || ə'mʌŋ(st)
prep. amid, in; between
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 amongst, amid, amidst, mid, in the midst or middle or centre of, surrounded by:
Please take a seat among the people over there. We lay down among the flowers.
2 among, to each or all (of):
The examination booklets were passed out among the students.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 surrounded by sb/sth; in the middle of sb/sth: a house among the trees + They strolled among the crowds. + I found the letter amongst his papers. + It's OK, you're among friends now.
2 being included or happening in groups of things or people: A British woman was among the survivors. + He was among the last to leave. + This attitude is common among the under-25s. + 'What was wrong with the job?' 'Well, the pay wasn't good, among other things. + Discuss it among yourselves first (= with each other).
3 used when you are dividing or choosing sth, and three or more people or things are involved: They divided the money up among the children.

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