US: /ˈwaɪɫd/
UK: /wˈa‍ɪld/

English Vietnamese dictionary

wild /waild/
  • tính từ
    • dại, hoang (ở) rừng
      • wild grass: cỏ dại
      • to grow wild: mọc hoang (cây)
      • wild beasts: d thú, thú rừng
      • wild bird: chim rừng
    • chưa thuần; chưa dạn người (thú, chim)
    • man rợ, man di, chưa văn minh
      • wild tribes: bộ lạc man rợ
    • hoang vu, không người ở
      • wild country: xứ hoang vu
    • dữ dội, b o táp
      • wild wind: gió dữ dội
      • wild day: ngày b o táp
    • rối, lộn xộn, lung tung
      • wild hair: tóc rối, tóc bù xù
      • wild confusion: sự rối loạn lung tung
    • điên, điên cuồng, nhiệt liệt
      • wild with anger: tức điên
      • to drive someone wild: chọc tức ai
      • wild laughter: cái cười như điên
      • to be wild to do something: điên lên muốn làm việc gì
    • ngông cuồng, rồ dại, liều mạng, thiếu đắn đo suy nghĩ, bừa b i
      • wild opinions: những ý kiến ngông cuồng rồ dại
    • tự do, bừa b i, phóng túng, lêu lổng
      • a wild life: cuộc đời phóng túng; lối sống phóng đ ng
  • phó từ
    • vu v, bừa b i, lung tung
      • to shoot wild: bắn lung tung
      • to talk wild: nói lung tung bừa b i
  • danh từ
    • vùng hoang vu

Advanced English dictionary

adjective, noun
+ adjective (wilder, wildest)
animals / plants
1 living or growing in natural conditions; not kept in a house or on a farm: wild animals / flowers + a wild rabbit + wild strawberries + The plants grow wild along the banks of rivers.
scenery / land
2 in its natural state; not changed by people: wild moorland / mountains + The island is a wild and lonely place.
out of control
3 lacking discipline or control: The boy is wild and completely out of control. + He had a wild look in his eyes. + wild mood swings
4 full of very strong feeling: wild laughter / applause / cheers + a wild and romantic love affair + The crowd went wild. + It makes me wild (= very angry) to see such waste.
not sensible
5 not carefully planned; not sensible or accurate: He made a wild guess at the answer. + wild accusations / rumours
6 (informal) very good, enjoyable or exciting: We had a wild time in New York.
7 ~ about sb/sth (informal) very enthusiastic about sb/sth: She's totally wild about him. + I'm not wild about the idea.
weather / sea
8 affected by storms and strong winds: a wild night + The sea was wild.
wildness noun [U]
See also - WILDLY
Idioms: beyond your wildest dreams far more, better, etc. than you could ever have imagined or hoped for
run wild
1 to grow or develop freely without any control: The ivy has run wild. + Let your imagination run wild and be creative.
2 if children or animals run wild, they behave as they like because nobody is controlling them: Those boys have been allowed to run wild.
wild horses would not drag, make, etc. sb (do sth) used to say that nothing would prevent sb from doing sth or make them do sth they do not want to do
more at SOW v.
+ noun
1 (the wild) [sing.] a natural environment that is not controlled by people: The bird is too tame now to survive in the wild. + The animals were released back into the wild when they had recovered.
2 (the wilds) [pl.] areas of a country far from towns or cities, where few people live: the wilds of Alaska + (humorous) They live on a farm somewhere out in the wilds.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 undomesticated, untamed, unbroken, savage, feral:
The only four-legged animals inhabiting the island were wild pigs.
2 uncultivated, uninhabited, waste, desert, desolate, virgin, unpopulated, empty, trackless, barren, lifeless; deserted:
The cottage overlooks an expanse of wild moorland.
3 savage, uncivilized, barbarous, primitive, rude, uncultured, uncultivated, brutish, barbaric, fierce, ferocious:
Some early explorers studied the wild people they encountered in far-off lands.
4 uncontrolled, unrestricted, unrestrained, untrammelled, unbridled, unfettered, unshackled, free, unchecked, lively, impetuous, unconventional, undisciplined, disobedient, insubordinate, self-willed, wayward, mutinous, rowdy(ish), boisterous, unruly, tumultuous, turbulent, tempestuous, uproarious; uncontrollable, unmanageable, ungovernable, intractable, unrestrainable:
Peter led quite a wild youth. We cannot cope with their wild behaviour after they have had too much to drink.
5 mad, maniac(al), crazed, crazy, irrational, distracted, frenzied, frantic, distraught, hysterical, raving, raging, unhinged, demented, delirious; berserk; run amok or amuck:
William had a wild look about him. Nellie has been driven wild by the pressures of business.
6 exciting, excited, vehement, passionate, romantic, turbulent, chaotic, tempestuous, reckless, madcap:
At the time, Ernest was having a wild love affair with Charles's widow.
7 absurd, irrational, unreasonable, extravagant, fantastic, imprudent, foolish, foolhardy, impractical, impracticable, unpractical, unworkable, ridiculous, reckless, silly, giddy, flighty, madcap, outrageous, preposterous, bizarre, strange, odd, peculiar, Colloq offbeat:
He lost thousands on some wild scheme for reducing shipping costs by filling bubble packing with helium.
8 tousled, wind-blown, unkempt, dishevelled, untidy, disordered, disorderly, messed-up, Colloq mussed-up:
Her hair was in wild disarray.
9 enthusiastic, avid, eager, agog, Colloq crazy, mad, daft, dotty, Brit potty, Slang nutty, nuts:
I'm just wild about Harry, And Harry's wild about me.
10 Usually, wilds. wasteland, wilderness, desert, vastness, emptiness, Colloq sticks, middle of nowhere, back of beyond:
His idea of adventure was to trek through the wilds of Hyde Park.

Collocation dictionary

1 animals/plants


be, grow, live
The flowers grow wild in the mountains. The dogs live wild on the streets.


This is truly wild and unspoilt countryside.

2 out of control


be, look
He looked wild and dangerous.
| go, run
When the princess appeared, the crowd went wild. They annoy the neighbours because they let their children run wild.
| drive sb, make sb
It makes me wild (= very angry)to see such waste.


really, very | absolutely | a bit, a little, pretty, rather
Her hair was rather wild.


The crowd was wild with excitement.

Concise English dictionary

+a wild primitive state untouched by civilization
+a wild and uninhabited area left in its natural condition
+marked by extreme lack of restraint or control
+in a natural state; not tamed or domesticated or cultivated
+in a state of extreme emotion
+deviating widely from an intended course
+(of colors or sounds) intensely vivid or loud
+without a basis in reason or fact
+talking or behaving irrationally
+involving risk or danger
+extravagantly fanciful and unrealistic; foolish
+located in a dismal or remote area; desolate
+intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with
+without civilizing influences
+(of the elements) as if showing violent anger
+in an uncontrolled and rampant manner
+in a wild or undomesticated manner