US: /ˈwɛɫˌfɛɹ/
UK: /wˈɛlfe‍ə/

English Vietnamese dictionary

welfare /'welfe /
  • danh từ
    • hạnh phúc; phúc lợi
      • to work for the welfare of the nation: làm việc cho hạnh phúc của dân tộc
      • public welfare: phúc lợi công cộng
      • welfare work: công tác ci thiện đời sống (công nhân viên chức...)
    • (y học) sự bo vệ, sự chăm sóc
      • child welfare centre: c quan bo vệ thiếu nhi
      • infant welfare centre: phòng khám sức khoẻ nhi đồng

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun [U]
1 the general health, happiness and safety of a person, an animal or a group
We are concerned about the child's welfare.
2 practical or financial help that is provided, often by the government, for people or animals that need it: The state is still the main provider of welfare. + animal / child welfare + a social welfare programme + welfare provision / services / work
3 (especially AmE) = SOCIAL SECURITY: They would rather work than live on welfare.

Thesaurus dictionary

benefit, good, advantage, well-being, prosperity, (good) fortune, profit, interest, (good) health, happiness, felicity:
It is up to the parents to look after their children's welfare.

Collocation dictionary

1 good health and happiness


animal, child, community, employee, family, personal, student
people concerned about child welfare


improve, promote
The government's policies will promote the welfare of all citizens.

2 money, etc. from the government




the provision of services such as health through the welfare state
| agency, authorities, department, programme, provision, services, system | officer, worker | clinic, facilities | benefits, payments
lone parents living on welfare benefits
| budget, costs, spending | cuts | fraud, scrounger
The new government promised to clamp down on welfare scroungers.


on ~
the number of families on welfare

Concise English dictionary

'welfer /-feə
+governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need
+something that aids or promotes well-being
+a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous