US: /ˈvəɫnɝəbəɫ/
UK: /vˈʌlnəɹəbə‍l/

English Vietnamese dictionary

vulnerable /'vʌlnərəbl/
  • tính từ
    • có thể bị tổn thương; có thể bị tấn công, công kích được; có chỗ yếu, có nhược điểm
      • vulnerable theory: thuyết có thể công kích được
      • to vulnerable criticism: có thể bị phê bình

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
~ (to sb/sth) weak and easily hurt physically or emotionally: to be vulnerable to abuse / attack / illness + She looked very vulnerable standing there on her own. + In cases of food poisoning, young children are especially vulnerable. + The sudden resignation of the financial director put the company in a very vulnerable position. + Old people are particularly vulnerable to the flu. + We should protect the most vulnerable members of our society. + Animals are at their most vulnerable when searching for food for their young.
vulnerability sth) (to sth): financial / political vulnerability + the vulnerability of newborn babies to disease + He was intensely aware of his own vulnerability.
vulnerably adverb: His condition left him vulnerably exposed to the slightest cold or cough.

Thesaurus dictionary

exposed, defenceless, weak, sensitive, unprotected, unguarded, unshielded, helpless, powerless:
She felt vulnerable to those who prey on the elderly.

Collocation dictionary


appear, be, feel, look, seem
You must try not to appear vulnerable.
| become | remain | leave sb/sth, make sb/sth
The virus attacks the immune system, leaving your body vulnerable to infections.


acutely, especially, extremely, highly, intensely, particularly, very | completely, totally, utterly | increasingly | quite, rather
She is very sensitive and rather vulnerable.
| potentially | peculiarly, uniquely
Hippos are uniquely vulnerable to drought.
| oddly, strangely
He smiled, making her suddenly feel oddly vulnerable.
| somehow | economically, militarily, politically
The company is in an economically vulnerable position.


These offices are highly vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Concise English dictionary

+susceptible to attack
+susceptible to criticism or persuasion or temptation
+capable of being wounded or hurt