US: /ˈvɝtʃu/
UK: /vˈɜːt‍ʃuː/

English Vietnamese dictionary

virtue /'və:tju:/
  • danh từ
    • đức, đức hạnh
      • to follow virtue: ăn ở có đức
    • đức tính, tính tốt
      • patience is a virtue: kiên nhẫn là một tính tốt
    • trinh tiết, tiết nghĩa
      • a woman of virtue: người đàn bà tiết nghĩa
      • a woman of easy virtue: người đàn bà lẳng lơ
    • công dụng; tác dụng, hiệu quả, hiệu lực
      • a remedy of great virtue: một phương thuốc có hiệu lực lớn
    • by virtue of; in virtue of
      • theo, vì; với tư cách
    • to make a virtue of necessity
      • (xem) necessity

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [U] (formal) behaviour or attitudes that show high moral standards: He led a life of virtue. + She was certainly no paragon of virtue!
2 [C] a particular good quality or habit: Patience is not one of her virtues, I'm afraid. + As a politician, he always emphasized the virtues of compromise and conciliation.
3 [C, U] an attractive or useful quality
The plan has the virtue of simplicity. + He was extolling the virtues of the Internet. + They could see no virtue in discussing it further.
Idioms: by / in virtue of sth (formal) by means of or because of sth: She got the job by virtue of her greater experience.
make a virtue of necessity to manage to gain an advantage from sth that you have to do and cannot avoid: She decided to make a virtue of necessity and combined a business trip to Paris with a visit to her cousins there.
more at EASY adj.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 morality, high-mindedness, honour, goodness, justness, righteousness, fairness, integrity, right-mindedness, honesty, probity, uprightness, rectitude, decency, worth, worthiness, nobility, character, respectability:
You will find the Billingses to be people of unassailable virtue.
2 virginity, chastity, chasteness, honour, innocence, purity:
As Healey had six daughters, he was kept quite busy protecting their virtue.
3 quality, credit, strength, good point, asset:
Opposing the seven deadly sins are the three theological virtues, faith, hope, and charity, and the four cardinal virtues, fortitude, justice, prudence, and temperance.
4 by virtue of. by dint of, owing to, thanks to, by reason of, because of, on account of:
Gerry was a part owner by virtue of his investment in the company.

Collocation dictionary


cardinal, great, special | chief | inherent
There is no inherent virtue in having read all the latest books.
| negative, positive
She has just one, negative virtue?she never tells lies. The brochure makes a positive virtue of the island's isolated position.
| old-fashioned, traditional
He understands the traditional virtue of hard work.
| Christian, ethical, moral | domestic | civic, public | political | easy
women of easy virtue (= with low standards of sexual morality)


Her book has the cardinal virtue of simplicity.
| emphasize, extol, preach
He never stops extolling the virtues of the free market.


make a virtue of necessity
(= to manage to gain an advantage from sth you have to do and cannot avoid),
a paragon of virtue
It would have taken a paragon of virtue not to feel jealous.

Concise English dictionary

virtues'vɜrtjuː /'vɜː-
+the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong
+any admirable quality or attribute
+morality with respect to sexual relations
+a particular moral excellence