US: /ˈvɛstɪdʒ/
UK: /vˈɛstɪd‍ʒ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

vestige /'vestidʤ/
  • danh từ
    • vết tích, dấu vết, di tích
      • vestige of an ancient civilization: di tích của một nền văn minh cổ
    • ((thường) + not) một chút, một tí
      • not a vestige of truth in the report: không một tí gì là sự thật trong bản báo cáo
    • (sinh vật học) bộ phận vết tích (của một cơ quan trước kia phát triển đầy đủ)

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun (formal)
1 a small part of sth that still exists after the rest of it has stopped existing: the last vestiges of the old colonial regime
2 usually used in negative sentences, to say that not even a small amount of sth exists: There's not a vestige of truth in the rumour. + His report offered not a vestige of comfort.

Thesaurus dictionary

trace, suggestion, soupçon, hint, glimmer, inkling, suspicion, sign, evidence, mark, token, scent, whiff, tinge, taste; remnant, scrap, fragment, memorial, residue, relic, remains:
Vestiges of an ancient city have been found in the sea off Cyprus.

Collocation dictionary


last, remaining
The government has to remove any last vestiges of corruption.


lose, shed | dispel, remove, strip sb/sth of | preserve, retain
I'm struggling to retain any vestige of belief in his innocence.
| show
He showed no vestige of remorse for his crime.


without a ~
He looked at her without a vestige of sympathy.
| ~ of

Concise English dictionary

+an indication that something has been present