US: /ˌənɹiˈpɛntənt/, /ˌənɹɪˈpɛntənt/
UK: /ˌʌnɹɪpˈɛntənt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

unrepentant /' nri'pent nt/
  • tính từ
    • không ân hận, không ăn năn, không hối hận

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
showing no shame about your actions or beliefs: She was cheerfully unrepentant about her part in the deception.
unrepentantly adverb

Thesaurus dictionary

unrepenting, unremorseful, impenitent, unapologetic, unregretful, unashamed, unembarrassed, unselfconscious, remorseless, unreformed, unrehabilitated, unregenerate, recidivist or recidivistic or recidivous:
They were quite unrepentant, though they had seen for themselves the harm they had done.