US: /ˌjunəˈɫætɝəɫ/
UK: /jˌuːnɪlˈætəɹə‍l/

English Vietnamese dictionary

unilateral /'ju:ni'lætərəl/
  • tính từ
    • ở về một phía, một bên
    • một bên, đơn phương
      • unilateral contract: hợp đồng ràng buộc một bên
      • unilateral repudiation of a treaty: sự đơn phương xoá bỏ một hiệp ước

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
done by one member of a group or an organization without the agreement of the other members: a unilateral decision + a unilateral declaration of independence + They were forced to take unilateral action. + They had campaigned vigorously for unilateral nuclear disarmament (= when one country gets rid of its nuclear weapons without waiting for other countries to do the same).
unilaterally adverb: The rebels unilaterally declared a ceasefire.

Concise English dictionary

+involving only one part or side
+tracing descent from either the paternal or the maternal line only