US: /juˈnænəməs/
UK: /juːnˈænɪməs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

unanimous /ju:'næniməs/
  • tính từ
    • nhất trí

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 if a decision or an opinion is unanimous, it is agreed or shared by everyone in a group: a unanimous vote + unanimous condemnation / support + The decision was not unanimous. + Unanimous agreement must be reached for this plan to go ahead. + The jury reached a unanimous verdict of 'not guilty'. + She was the unanimous choice of the selection committee.
2 ~ (in sth) if a group of people are unanimous, they all agree about sth: Local people are unanimous in their opposition to the proposed new road. + The committee were unanimous in rejecting the proposal.
unanimously adverb: The motion was passed unanimously. + The resolution was unanimously rejected.

Collocation dictionary




almost, nearly, virtually


Doctors are unanimous about the dangers of this drug.
| in
They were unanimous in this decision.
| on
The experts are not unanimous on this point.

Concise English dictionary

+in complete agreement
+acting together as a single undiversified whole