US: /ˈəɫsɝ/
UK: /ˈʌlsɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

ulcer /'ʌlsə/
  • danh từ
    • (y học) loét
    • ung, nhọt (nghĩa bóng)

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
a sore area on the outside of the body or on the surface of an organ inside the body which is painful and may bleed or produce a poisonous substance: a stomach ulcer
See also - MOUTH ULCER

Thesaurus dictionary

1 sore, lesion, abscess, ulceration, canker, chancre, boil, gumboil, eruption, carbuncle, inflammation:
That ulcer should be treated before it gets any worse.
2 cancer, canker, festering spot, blight, scourge, poison, disease, pestilence, curse, bane, plague:
We must purge this ulcer before it corrupts the entire organization.