US: /ˈtɹəst/
UK: /tɹˈʌst/

English Vietnamese dictionary

trust /trʌst/
  • danh từ
    • sự tín nhiệm, lòng tin, sự tin cậy
      • to have (put, repose) trust in someone: tin cậy ai, tín nhiệm ai
      • a breach of trust: sự bội tín
      • you must take what I say on trust: anh cứ tin vào lời tôi
    • niềm hy vọng, kỳ vọng, sự tin tưởng, sự trông mong
      • you are my sole trust: anh là nguồn hy vọng duy nhất của tôi, tôi chỉ biết trông mong vào anh
    • sự giao phó, sự phó thác, sự uỷ thác
      • to commit to someone's trust: giao phó cho ai trông nom, uỷ thác cho ai
      • to have in trust: được giao phó, được uỷ thác
      • to leave in trust: uỷ thác
      • to lold a property in trust: (pháp lý) trông nom một tài sản được uỷ thác
    • trách nhiệm
      • a position of great trust: một chức vị có trách nhiệm lớn
    • (thương nghiệp) sự mua chịu, sự bán chịu
      • to supply goods on trust: cung cấp hàng chịu
      • to deliver goods on trust: giao hàng chịu
    • (kinh tế) tơrơt
    • ngoại động từ
      • tin, tin cậy, tín nhiệm; trông cậy
        • to trust someone: tin ai, tín nhiệm ai
        • his words can't be trusted: lời nói của nó không thể tin được
      • hy vọng
        • I trust that you are in good health: tôi hy vọng rằng anh vấn khoẻ mạnh
        • I trust to be able to join you: tôi hy vọng có thể đến với anh
      • giao phó, phó thác, uỷ thác
        • I know I can trust my children with you: tôi biết tôi có thể giao phó con cái tôi cho anh được
      • phó mặc, để mặc, bỏ mặc
        • I can't trust you out of my sight: tôi không thể phó mặc anh không trông nom dòm ngó gì đến
      • bán chịu, cho chịu
        • you can trust him for any amount: anh có thể cho hắn chịu bao nhiêu cũng được
    • nội động từ
      • trông mong, tin cậy
        • to trust to luck: trông vào sự may mắn
        • to trust in someone: tin ở ai

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 [U] ~ (in sb/sth) the belief that sb/sth is good, sincere, honest, etc. and will not try to harm or deceive you: Her trust in him was unfounded. + a partnership based on trust + It has taken years to earn their trust. + If you put your trust in me, I will not let you down. + She will not betray your trust (= do sth that you have asked her not to do). + He was appointed to a position of trust (= a job involving a lot of responsibility, because people trust him). + a breach of trust + If I were you, I would not place too much trust in their findings.
    2 [C, U] (law) an arrangement by which an organization or a group of people has legal control of money or property that has been given to sb, usually until that person reaches a particular age; an amount of money or property that is controlled in this way: He set up a trust for his children. + The money will be held in trust until she is 18. + Our fees depend on the value of the trust.
    See also - UNIT TRUST
    3 [C] (law) an organization or a group of people that invests money that is given or lent to it and uses the profits to help a charity: a charitable trust
    4 [C] (business) (especially AmE) a group of companies that work together illegally to reduce competition, control prices, etc: anti-trust laws
    Idioms: in sb's trust
    in the trust of sb being looked after by sb: The family pet was left in the trust of a neighbour.
    take sth on trust to believe what sb says even though you do not have any proof or evidence to show that it is true
    + verb
    1 to have confidence in sb; to believe that sb is good, sincere, honest, etc: [VN] She trusts Alan implicitly. + [VN to inf] Can they be trusted to take care of the business while we are away? + You can trust me not to tell anyone.
    2 [VN] to believe that sth is true or correct or that you can rely on it: He trusted her judgement. + Don't trust what the newspapers say!
    3 [V (that)] (formal) to hope and expect that sth is true: I trust (that) you have no objections to our proposals?
    Idioms: not trust sb an inch to not trust sb at all: He says he just wants to help you but I wouldn't trust him an inch if I were you.
    trust you, him, her, etc. (to do sth) (spoken, informal) used when sb does or says sth that you think is typical of them: Trust John to forget Sue's birthday!
    more at TRIED
    Phrasal Verbs: trust in sb/sth (formal) to have confidence in sb/sth; to believe that sb/sth is good and can be relied on: She needs to trust more in her own abilities.
    trust to sth [no passive] to put your confidence in sth such as luck, chance, etc. because there is nothing else to help you: I stumbled along in the dark, trusting to luck to find the right door.
    trust sb with sth/sb to give sth/sb to a person to take care of because you believe they would be very careful with it/them: I'd trust her with my life.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 confidence, reliance, faith, conviction, certitude, certainty, sureness, positiveness, assurance, belief:
    Place your trust in me.
    2 credit, reliability, dependability, credibility, trustworthiness:
    The company will sell you the piano on trust.
    3 custody, care, keeping, charge, guardianship, protection, safe keeping, trusteeship:
    The money is in trust for Gillian's grandchildren.
    4 monopoly, cartel; group, corporation, conglomerate:
    An international trust controls the world market in diamonds.
    5 rely (on or upon), have faith or confidence (in), confide (in), depend or bank or count (on or upon), pin (one's) faith or hopes on or upon:
    I trust that you will attend the meeting. In God we trust - others must pay cash. Can I trust you to keep a secret? Don't trust to luck.
    6 entrust, commit, give, delegate, make or turn or sign or hand over, depute, assign, empower, consign:
    I shouldn't trust my money to her.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 relying on sb/sth


    They have placed great trust in him as a negotiator.
    | absolute, complete | blind, implicit
    They followed the instructions in blind trust that all would turn out well.
    | basic | mutual | sacred
    They accepted the responsibility as a sacred trust (= sth that had been trusted to them).
    | fragile
    the fragile trust that existed between them
    | misplaced | public
    the need to restore public trust


    We have absolute trust in the teachers. Does the scheme have the trust and cooperation of the workers?
    | place, put | build (up), develop | earn, gain, win | abuse, betray
    He claimed the government had betrayed the trust of the British peo
    | lose | restore | be based on
    a relationship based on trust




    ~ between
    efforts to promote mutual trust between nations
    | ~ in
    His trust in them was misplaced.


    a breach of trust, a lack of trust, a position of trust
    As a teacher, you are in a position of trust.

    2 financial arrangement


    independent, self-governing | offshore, overseas | investment | unit
    Investing in a unit trust reduces risks for small investors.
    | charitable, family, hospital


    hold sth in/on, keep sth in
    The proceeds will be held in trust for the children until they are eighteen.
    | create, establish, set up
    Wealthy people can set up overseas trusts for their children.
    | invest in | administer, run


    account, assets, fund | deed | status | manager | beneficiary, holder


    in ~
    His father put the money in trust for him until he was 21.
    | ~ for
    the Cecil Houses Trust for old people


    I trust you implicitly.
    | completely, fully | not entirely, not quite, not really
    You can never entirely trust even a ‘tame’ leopard.


    I knew I could trust John.
    | be prepared to, be willing to | be reluctant to
    I was reluctant to trust the evidence of my senses.


    I stumbled along in the dark, trusting to luck to find the right door.
    | with
    I'd trust her with my life.


    not to be trusted
    He is not to be trusted with other people's money.
    | tried and trusted
    tried and trusted techniques

    Concise English dictionary

    +something (as property) held by one party (the trustee) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary)
    +certainty based on past experience
    +the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others
    +a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service
    +complete confidence in a person or plan etc
    +a trustful relationship
    +have confidence or faith in
    +allow without fear
    +be confident about something
    +expect and wish
    +confer a trust upon
    +extend credit to